Eddie Izzard reveals her newly adopted name on podcast

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Executive transvestite bit, right?

Glad she’s doing what makes her happy. Outstanding human being from all accounts and I’ve enjoyed growing up and watching her material.


Cool. Good on her for being open about it. I’m sure that’s scary in different ways when you’re famous, but it’s how someone can help others who’re like them a lot, I think.


Its true. You cant go wrong with Suzy Eddie Izzard!


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I can imagine that it’s probably easier for someone who’s well known and relatively well off to transition publicly in the UK, but also she’s been provoking* the UK press since the 90’s just by wearing slightly feminine clothes, so I suspect by now she’s somewhat immune to their barbs and arrows just from having been a target for so long.
I think it’s good for people to see her as an example, and hopefully realise that they don’t have to stay in the binary ‘male OR female’ box that they’ve grown up in.

*Perhaps not quite the right word, ‘goading’ maybe?, ‘driving trollies’? It’s intended as a complement either way.


Hi, Suzy; how you doin’? :wave:


Izzard made it clear that while she will now be going by Suzy, people can still refer to her as Eddie if they prefer.

Granted, it’s only one letter more than “Edie”. :man_shrugging:

Still, Suzy it will be for me.


:notes:… If you knew Suzy like knew Suzy… :notes: Yeah, Al don’t fly no more.

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This thread is about Suzy Eddie Izzard.


Oh, that hits the spot for me!

But that’s my own personal thing. I just happen to not like — due to people I know with the name — the name she has chosen.

Edie hits right for me. Oh well. Not my name.


Every once in a while, I remember she ran 27 marathons in 27 days for charity, to honor Nelson Mandela, and I think again about how awesomesauce she is.


i recently listened to her read her autobiography. brilliant and discursive. im not even really sure how often she was reading from the page, though usually she gets back around to at least some of it. i think

pure speculation but i bet the separation from new to old is probably part of the joy in it. being able to cast off some of the identity that maybe never felt like it quite fit

though i also suspect she did it for the extra zed… and i don’t know why but i kind of love that it makes me double take how many and where. suzy izzard.


The zed is awesome. Just like Suzy. She’s very brave to be so public and I admire her for it.


That helps me understand it in a much better light, thank you! That is exactly the issue I have had with my name change: not the parts that changed, but rather the fact that I kept one part, and I have since realized I shouldn’t have.

OOOHHH, I like that!


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A two gendered name - now that’s a good idea.

I hope everything goes ok for Suzy. She is in the situation of having gone through every step of her journey in the midst of the full glare of the UK media- and is now taking this latest step in the current climate, which is … Not great.