Edward Snowden is now @snowden

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I really don’t know how he doesn’t just fall over from the anxiety of it all. I wouldn’t have made it more than a day or two into this before doing something really really stupid. Which is to say that I probably would’ve jumped out of the Hawaii–>Hong Kong aircraft about midway into the trip.


I guess we weren’t paying him enough attention…

What’s next, a reality show? Perhaps some work with the Kardashians?


Getting a Twitter account is a desperate cry for attention?


Or an alternative might be that he’s decided to use a prominent social media platform to talk about privacy issues? That might be a possible reason either.


We’re all looking forward to him explaining these complex issues in 140 characters or less.


There is the rare occasion that people add links, videos, and/or images to their tweets.

As for your #AbilityToComposeHashtagNonsense, you are aware of this person, Edward Snowden, and why he’s associated with Privacy issues, yes?

EDIT: And, gee whiz, it’s not like anybody else knows who he is and what his current focus is…


I didn’t like it when Prince did it, I wasn’t a fan of l33t speak, I think he’s going to just go back to calling himself Edward before the end of it. I mean, how would you address him casually, “at”?

Kids these days.


Why bother jumping into these articles to tell us how little attention you want to pay him?

Seems a bit counterproductive to excitedly read about him so you can rush to outrage about him.


This. So much so. Have you seen Citizenfour yet? Snowden is an AMAZING person, and that film is incredibly hard to watch, the tension is like nothing I’ve experienced in film before. This man is brilliant. But, like you, I don’t understand how he copes with the anxiety of knowing that the highest levels of the United States government would just looooove to have a chat with you.


I think you’re aimed at the wrong target here. @ChuckV is questioning shenza’s claim that Snowden is just crying out for attention.

Thank you my fine fellow, you are indeed correct. Time for bed, thanks.

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If you really believe that, you know very little about Snowden. The man is of unimpeachable character. Watch Citizenfour, read anything the man has written, and then we’ll talk.

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Good advice, but not sure that’ll help in certain cases…

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I really honestly appreciate the prompt to examine what/why I think what I do, and I did. In regard to the original story, I don’t feel like Edward Snowden getting a Twitter account is evidence he is grasping for media attention. If there were other things, i.e. talk of reality shows, Facebook contests, stuff like that, I might be suspicious. But as it stands, based on the evidence so far, I still believe the man is the same as he was when he pulled the trigger. (As it were, if he did decide to participate in the media a lot more, I’m not sure I would automatically judge that a bad thing. Depending on who you ask, Snowden is either a Paul Revere level American folk hero that children will be reading about in elementary school, or a devious traitor who deserves nothing less than much ‘enhanced interrogation’ and to never see the light of day again, if not face a firing squad. Under those circumstances, I can forgive him for opening himself up a little to the press over time.

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Crossed signals. That graphic was in regards to the person you were previously chatting with. IOW, I’m in near complete agreement with you. :slight_smile:

69 characters, actually. Gotta leave room for those hashtags,

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