EFF is gathering data on illegal surveillance of Dakota Access Pipeline water protectors

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/12/15/eff-is-gathering-data-on-illeg.html


Illegal surveillance is bad, but even the outright brutality will go unpunished. The donald promised us law and order. Did we think he was kidding?

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How many of them can speak their old native tongue? Good luck decoding that, man.

“Law n Order” means “locking up colored people”.

Nothing more.


In the criminal justice system, the colored people are persecuted by two separate yet equally corrupt groups: the police, who shoot them on sight, and the attorneys, who prosecute the survivors.

Dunh dunh.


There are actually quite a few Lakota speakers around here. Problem is that it really isn’t a “secret language” in these parts. We’ve discussed other code talk solutions.

One of the really annoying things happening here is the radio interference. The DAPL security goons like to get on our security channels and play music, talk nonsense, use racial slurs, and just generally interfere with the channel.


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