Eight high school students hospitalized after cannabis edibles on LA field trip

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How did they get the gummies?


And did they know they were getting cannabis in their gummies? (Consent is mandatory!) If so, did they have any idea how strong they were? There are some edibles available with terrifying amounts of THC to someone without a lot of experience/tolerance.

Good job by the security guard!


Yep, he’s a hero!


The use of the phrase “freaked out” makes it sound like you think they were just being silly babies. When fans of cannabis downplay the possible risk of marketing them in the form of candy, that could be construed as silly and childish, too.

Kids these days! They should teach a class in how to maintain. That skill has come in handy throughout my life.

I am going to interpret what I am reading here, so take with appropriate levels of NaCl…

Sounds like these kids got a hold of some edibles, had no idea what to expect and got scared when they hit. It makes them impulsive and kinda teenage-level stupid, but this is being spun into a “Reefer Madness” sort of thing. Edibles can contain far more THC than smoked versions, although I am now learning about “tar” as an almost-pure THC preparation that is insanely strong used in smoking. That said, these kids were not in danger medically. Legally and parentally, I would not say that, but medically they will be fine.


Like when the hypnotist makes the audience cluck like chickens… some take it too far and actually lay eggs.

In a van full of teenagers, all you need is one to wave a finger-tipped booger around and chaos will ensue.

I mean, thank goodness it wasn’t a group of soccer players… each writhing on the ground trying to outdo the next.

But seriously… aside from the legalities, you are a true piece of shit if you dose unsuspecting people.


translated as “the the tar tar pits”


Ummm, yes to the last sentence. The rest?

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As mentioned before, authentic reactions to dosing can vary between people… all you need is one to set the stage for what is to come. For sure not saying they were faking or playing along… but their symptoms may have been unintentionally exaggerated.

OK, I can see this. The “laying an egg” part did throw me, I must admit.

Do you really think that they didn’t know that those candies were edibles? :thinking:

Getting stoned on school trips is age-old. Can’t say I ever did, but there were always a few who managed to duck out of sight for a few minutes and light one up. (Do not arsk me about ski trips.) I imagine it’s harder to do undetected these days, with no smoking rules and security cams. Pilfered gummies would seem like the solution to that particular problem.

Things that might have tripped them up:

  • The slow 30-60 minute kick-in period, and the temptation to take some more.
  • Some gummies, especially when not regulated and tested, can be omg potent.

Adults, keep your liquor and edibles locked away, because kids will test their limits.


maybe they got dosed?

Colorado is a bit more sane about how much thc you can put in things.

When I worked for… the maker of a web browser that’s not Chrome… I passed the fuck out in the bathroom at a party gabbering nonsense because someone gave me a “cookie” the size of a quarter that had at least 100mg thc in it, possibly 500.

It looked like a fucking cookie crisp.

There’s no way something less than the size of a half dollar and made of crumbly material can be portioned, they just claimed it could to sell it.

I wouldn’t blame the kids. It’s like if they were given a screwdriver heavy on the vodka.

(Common way to get ppl drunk apparently btw, hence it being an integral part of the plot in “Hard Candy” that the guy offers one to ellen paige’s character)


I think the most likely scenario is one of the kids grabbed a pouch from their parents, then shared with their friends. It’s certainly not exactly a new phenomenon, just change the specific substance to alcohol, cigarettes, or some other method of cannabis delivery.

It’s certainly possible that these weren’t commercial grade, which might contribute to the effect, but at a guess I’d say it’s more likely they just didn’t know what to expect and a slight panic from one could easily grow into a vicious circle running through everyone. (The possibility that at least one student had the “this isn’t working, I’m going to take another one …” is also really likely!)


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