Elderly Italian woman evicts "parasite" sons, 40 and 42

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The men, who hired lawyers to fight the maternal eviction

Did these leeches take a shot at asking Mama to pay the legal bills?


“Adults living at home with their parents later in life” isn’t a trend confined to Italy but this variety of “bamboccioni” behavior does have a distinctly Italian flavor.

It was just a few years ago that the Italian Supreme Court finally ruled that parents do not have a legal responsibility to support their adult children indefinitely.


If they could afford lawyers, they could afford to chip in on housing costs. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to leech.


My mom told me how when her (American) sister first got engaged to an Italian man and moved to Italy, she was somewhat shocked to see how his mother was doing everything for him, working herself silly with cooking and cleaning with no contribution from him. At the time she felt that was partly the mom’s fault for not putting her foot down and knowing where to draw the line. She swore to my mom that she would never become that kind of Italian mother herself.

Fast forward a few decades and, per my mom, my aunt became exactly that kind of Italian mother, doing all the housework and also micromanging every aspect of my cousin’s life who is a lawyer in her late thirties and still living at home. I know that this obviously isn’t just an Italian thing, but there’s certainly a basis for that reputation.

(My cousin and uncle are still great people, BTW)

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In Nigeria, your family builds you a house on the family compound. There’s none of this throw-you-to-the-landlords shit. I’m not saying she ought to be doing their laundry, but I feel parents do owe their children better than a precarious life laboring for capital (we have systems that deliberately immiserate a set percentage of our population regardless of how hard they work or how smart they are).

I’d like to raise kids, hypothetically, just not on this planet. I bring a kid into this, I’m creating a debt that may be impossible to repay. A lifetime of fear and servitude is no gift.

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