Election workers said she couldn't wear an anti-Trump shirt. So she voted topless

Of course this being September the primary was only for local and state races.
The Presidential primary was held about 20 years ago in February.
I live in NH and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Trump or McCain on my local ballot.

Yes, I’m a registered Republican, holds head in shame. :disappointed: NH Republicans were somewhat normal until a few years ago, Sununu’s not-withstanding. While easy to register in NH it’s more difficult to change party.


I think she committed election fraud, as she voted both in-person and absent tee.


I hate myself for liking that. :wink:


Good for her.


You silly. I bet voter turnout would go WAY up if this was status quo, agreed? Voter pyramids scheme?

Having a candidate’s name visible on a shirt constitutes “electioneering” in all 50 states.

It is completely unspectacular that she wasn’t allowed in wearing an __X__ shirt
(where X = Trump, Biden, Sanders, whatever).


There will always conservative and/or controlling folks who would have a fit about public nudity, even though they always have the option to look away. This scene, set far in a fictional future, demonstrates that point:


When I made my comment I was responding to the excerpt that someone had posted about electioneering (all points had to do with promoting a particular candidate, which made me laugh because the voter was splitting hairs).

However, according to @LagerVsAle:

Now it’s even more perplexing as Trump was not even on the ballot. My guess is that they felt it may be anti-GOP even though she was promoting John McCain (GOP) as a hero.

Either way, it’s amusing and @Melizmatic wrote above, good for her.


You can certainly play semantics games if you feel the need to backpedal but I’m pretty clear about what constitutes Electioneering, as are the laws.

I didn’t backpedal. More information became available after I first posted. And apparently my first comment, made in jest, seems to bother you.

So I promise I won’t reply to you any further. Good day.


This is the kind of crazy we can all get behind.

In line to vote, ideally.

This guy, he can stay.


They have a fit about human sexuality in general, which is something they cannot explain nor control: so they try to explain and control it.

Which gets back to conservatives these days who mindlessly fret so much about “being controlled” by science, secularists, liberals, etc.— see, they are the ones who hunger for absolute control.


Yay, pants optional!


You seem to think that because the shirt pitted McCain against Trump, there was no problem with it, and Trump wasn’t on the ballot anyway. You’re wrong. Once again: find some respect for those who work the polls to ensure your right to vote, the other people who visit that polling place to exercise their right, and the laws of the polling place. it’s the least you can do.

Edit: actually, boards of election are desperate for poll workers all over the country. in many places these are also paid positions. if you can find the time to volunteer or work your local polls, please do so. more than ever we’re going to need people committed to protecting the voting process, and ensuring those who need to vote in person are able to without undue interference or difficulties.

I mentioned that I wouldn’t reply any more, but I need to let you know that you are making a bunch of poorly formed assumptions here. I worked several elections bringing in ballots in Tulare County during the 1980s and I also worked four years of elections in Orange County (primary and general elections) including three years in a supervisory position in the 1990s.

My take away? The people in Orange County who were the most dangerous to our democracy were other poll workers who “gave of their time” so they could challenge the votes of nonwhite voters.

I think my seven years of combined service allows me to sit back and chuckle when I hear something funny.

Good day.

ETA: Miscounted the OC poll worker years (four years, not five, and three years supervisory)

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There are enough dicks on the ballot already.

Scafidi told her that a shirt supporting the American flag was fine, but one featuring a political candidate was not,

Is that so? Election or not, 4 USC §8 (“Respect for flag”) says:

(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. […]
(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. […]
(j) No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.

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Here’s the thing about the U.S. Flag code:



Sure, but there’s still a difference between “should never” and “is fine”, especially when an official is talking in their professional capacity. What’s with setting an example to citizens and all that?