Electrified fork makes food taste saltier


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Yep, that’s all I got.


Its all you need. 60’s era Julie Newmar MEEEEOW!!


Sounds kinda like licking a battery, only not quite as bitter.

No, it sounds exactly like licking a battery. Electricity only comes in one flavor. It is the taste of blood and copper.


Hiroma Nakamura? With just a slight first name change, you have the guy form HEROES… I smell shenanigans.


Or, y’know, you could show your body who’s the boss, just cut out the salt, don’t buy this, and save money both ways.


Perfect GIF preview. Got a laugh out of “people are extremely nervous about eating experiments” captioning what looks like an early prototype for a torture device as designed (by a six-year-old Bond villain) out of a fork, random electrical stuff and a tissue paper box.


Nakamura is a fairly common surname.

It comes in at the 8th most common family name in the top 100 most common Japanese family names:


I smell a fairly common name…


I think that y’all are just smelling the ozone…


The unmistakeable aroma of gently electrocuted tongues.


Or realize that salt is not as bad as some do-gooders claim, and indulge.


In primary school, I knew a fellow who actually was a ten year old bond villain. He was a runt, but had a giant, lumbering minion that he would order to hold us kids down while he shocked us with a modified electric pink ladies leg shaver running on “C” batteries. It had so little juice, he had to apply it to the inside of the upper arm for it to be felt.


Oh… bond villain? Sounds like an evil investment banker…

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