Elisabeth Moss gets driven crazy in The Invisible Man

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How could they miss the opportunity to retitle the film Driving Moss Crazy ?


The Mummy was flashy and filled with big names

Filled with? I can think of maybe two big-name actors that were in that.

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That looks fun. I’ll put that on my (very small) list of movies that I need to see in the theatre.

Sure seems to drag on a long time before she comes up with the steamy room / dust in the air / throw liquid on them solution, or whatever trope it is they use for the reveal. Character seems smarter than that…


Tom Cruise is basically 5 big-names by himself.


But wait…


Also, does Moss get on anyone elses nerves?
Shouldn’t she be leaving at least a few of the jobs for
the hundreds of other capable actresses out there.

Plus, her hook, lets call it the “Paul Giamatti Hook”

It’s not so, she’s attractive.

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I thought the irony was not lost when the trailer people throw in the line, “I wouldn’t be able to see him” at the exact moment when she would be able to see his form.


Elisabeth Moss is becoming the top tier actress of her generation.

Hot take!


Well, thanks to Universal for putting every salient plot point in the trailer and saving me two hours.

I actually feel kind of bad for movies and TV shows whose staff as far as I understand it don’t have much control over trailers. Good or bad, you put all that work into something and then the studios give away all the goods in two minutes.


True dat. Still, there used to be a time when the trailer didn’t actually have consist of “things that literally happen in the movie” as long as it conveyed the general feel of the movie. Some directors would even shoot alternate versions of key scenes for use in the trailers.
it’s kinda odd that nobody does that anymore.


so it’s not about seeing

So they made another movie about a woman being tormented by a man, and no one believes her. How is this entertainment?

That was a central plot hole in Hollow Man as well. A whole lab full of brilliant scientists—equipped with thermal imaging goggles, no less—and they still couldn’t figure out a way to track down and incapacitate a naked man.

A bag of flour would do. And for bonus points, figure out a way to ignite the cloud at a distance.

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The villain from Die Hard needed about five seconds to realize he could more or less incapacitate his barefoot adversary by covering the floor with broken glass.


Only if you measure him in Star Power, not inches.

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Rogue One used a lot of scenes in its trailer that cannot be seen in the real movie.


So did Wreck it Ralph 2, they even made a joke about it during a mid-credit sequence.