Elizabeth Warren quits race

(FYI. Warren was my favorite; but Harris, Sanders, and Klobuchar I also liked and matched with on some policies and demeanor)


Typo, “what kind of role she would play” not pay.

Fuck the VP. I’d like to see her as Secretary of the Treasury or, failing that, chairman of the SEC. THAT would strike more fear in the banksters than the vice presidency.

Edited to add: Too many sub 15% finishes on Super T for her to stay in, really. This meant too few delegates for her to either play kingmaker or consolation choice in a contested convention. Yet again, my first choice has thrown in the towel before I even get to vote. Ironically, in 2008 that first choice was Biden.


Why does America hate smart people so much? (And smart women, doubly so). She has the best policy and could actually accomplish some of it. I no longer believe Bernie can do the job, even though his policies are far better than Uncle Joe’s. Once again, the best™ for America is the least worst for America.


I very VERY strongly feel the next Treasury Head should be Robert Reich.


Director of the FBI.


I like her for Attorney General


Given that we do not have ranked choice voting its probably better if people have to pick between Biden and Sanders.

I personally think Sanders would do better against Trump than Biden which is why I ended up voting for him, but I think Biden would be a good President and certainly better than Trump.

I do not think that Sanders has much of a chance to win the nomination because I think there is an inherent ceiling on his support. But I think with Biden as the nominee the media will make Hunter Biden and Bruisma the major issue in the election which will suppress turnout. People will get sick of the wall to wall coverage a out something so irrelevant and tune out of the whole thing.


Damn faint praise, but hopefully enough to get either Biden or Bernie elected.


I want her to take over as Senate Majority Leader. McConnell has proven that position can wield the second highest level of power in the country when in the right hands.


Too many close to 15% finishes as well. Barely crossing the bar nets just a few delegates, she needed second place finishes and at least one win to collect up enough to make the compromise candidate at a contested convention idea work.


Hey, you don’t need to put the bar so low.


I think people are over the whole Burisima thing. We were beaten in the head with Benghazi, her emails, and now Burisima. Anyone with a lick of sense realizes it’s much ado about nothing.

Those who consider it a real issue won’t have their minds changed no matter what happens.

We literally had a whole dramatic impeachment over Burisima and not a single person I have seen has said that what Biden’s son did made them not want to vote for Biden.


That would be great, but mostly because it would imply that the Democrats took over the Senate, a profoundly unlikely occurrence this cycle.

Edited to add. Of course there is nothing so simple that Trump can’t screw it up, and that includes GOP control of the Senate.

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Kinda like Quayle / Bentson.

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I am often wrong about political predictions, but I doubt she will endorse anyone before the convention. IMO she’ll elect to stay above the fray to not damage either of the remaining candidates and keep her options open.

It’s going to be an interesting debate stage without Warren, especially if Tulsi Gabbard is allowed to participate… If Warren had stayed in, she may have acted as a buffer for Joe, who now will be completely exposed.


The fact that Warren did not immediately endorse Sanders worries me. Her endorsement will have to come with a huge promise from either candidate, with no guarantee that any of her stated policies would be implemented, especially if the deal is with Biden. That would be our loss, and not necessarily hers.
As for the debates, I fear that we will not end up with any in the general. Trump’s team will probably attach so many conditions, that it will be unworkable.


I’d actually give Warren maybe 3 cabinet positions instead of just Treasury. She’d do so much more good in a cabinet post than even as president or in the senate.

back in September or so I said I wished the whole primary structure wouldn’t be so ‘each against everyone else’ and instead they form a team. Kamala for AG. Sanders for labor sec. warren for treasury. etc. Imagine running as a Cabinet instead of just the figurehead executive. The death match tearing each other down just divides dem allies while doing oppo work for the repugnacans

Also go the New Zealand route and have the elections only be 6 weeks long.


This. Any position that takes her out of her senate seat is a non-starter, until Massachusetts elects a Dem governor.


You do realize that the Governor of Massachusetts is a republican and former businessman, right? If Liz vacates her seat he’s probably not going to appoint someone as awesome as her for a replacement.