Elizabeth Warren quits race

Basically this. I’m not American, but I was impressed by Warren and hoped she would do well in the primaries. But yeah, numbers are numbers, and after Super Tuesday, it’s clear she’s got no hope winning.


I feel sad and desperate, mostly sad.
I don’t wan’t Biden as POTUS I don’t.

I don’t know if he is up to it.

Drumpf can’t debate but he can say the same thing over and over again.
I think that that may be a winning strategy.

Joe could clock him I guess.
I don’t think that that sounds like a good idea either.


Yah, I forgot that her Senate seat isn’t in play in November, and vacant ones are filled by the governor. Yes, that’s a very good reason to not go anywhere else.

See how the Senate turns out and if there’s a margin, maybe a job in the reconstruction cabinet?


uh. no. How about giving her some time to decompress from having to declare failure and dropping out?

No other drop out went on stage and said “I am dropping out and endorsing X.” Give her a day or two to come to terms and then craft her endorsement message.

Expecting it immediately is a wholly unfair to ask.


" but I can’t see the Democratic establishment agreeing to that"

She’s too much of a threat to those whom the Democratic establishment actually represents: corporate power and extreme wealth.


Warren. 90% of Sanders’ policies with 10% of his baggage.

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How long did it take Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Klobuchar between dropping out and endorsing Biden?


Or wrong hands.

I don’t know why anyone thinks Warren would endorse Sanders over Biden. The latter called her a liar on national TV, the former was always pretty cordial to her.

People here tend to think that her political worldview aligns much more closely with Sanders than with Biden, but she might not agree.


Sadly it’s very hard to imagine any scenario in the foreseeable future where the Democrats have an overwhelming majority in the senate and can safely surrender seats to the GOP without severely hurting the prospects of progressive legislation. Remember, not all democratic senators are particularly progressive in the first place, so even a 60-seat majority is probably not enough to ensure that we get good bills through on things like gun control and health care.


A day…each time.

But if you want to push a panic button and not allow Warren to do things on her time and be empathetic and understanding; then have it. Panic and judge away. Thank you for showing me who you are.


Two rather obvious things come to mind.

Pioneer spirit: In the old West (on TV), supposely all you needed to know was how to ride a horse and shoot a gun. The rest of life was easy to learn (not really). Now we have a complex society, both in structure and technology, but that old pioneer spirit still says “Even though I dropped out of high school. I’ll be a gazillionaire one day, just you watch. I’m not gonna be washing dishes at Burger King forever.” Etc.

Evangelical Xtians: “The Bible’s all I need to know. I don’t trust those librul elites and their education.”

I suppose there are others, but I’m disgusted enough with my fellow US citizens.


I’d rather she was Senate Majority Leader. Gonna’ need some real leadership to fix the damage done by 45 and co.


Fuck the patriarchy, America has the government it deserves


I don’t know that that matters. Much like Benghazi and the Emails and Benghazi. The people pushing it don’t appear to believe it, and noone publicly really seems to care. It an excuse for what about ism and allows them to crowd out media coverage with bullshit and set the conversation.

I would say probably on that front. Warren is well liked and involved on both wings of the party, here involvement in any adminstration or a bigger role in Congressional leadership could be important. Both Biden and Sanders need some considerable firming of their policy proposals. I don’t see her stepping off either particular ledge by endorsing early.


I also expect that’s not the case. There are a few specific policies where she’s closer to Sanders, but she’s probably closer to Biden on foreign policy.

Also, when you step back from specific policies, I think Warren doesn’t have a fundamental problem with either the Democratic Party power structure or the DC power structure, where Sanders wants to take a sledgehammer to both of those.


You and I know the whole Hunter Biden Burisma thing has no substance to it. Probably everyone reading this know that. Still, the media tends to spend most of its time talking about things that do not matter during an election cycle and moneyed interests like it that way because it maintains business as usual. This is why the major issue of 2016 was Hillary’s emails even though I do not know anyone who cared about it at all. The coverage was non-stop even though there was nothing to it. And so many people voted purely based on that issue but if you asked them “okay tell me why i should care about Hillary’s emails” they had very little to nothing to say. The fact that Burisma is irrelevant and there is nothing to the issue won’t stop the Senate Republicans from opening an investigation and won’t stop cable news from making it the most covered issue in the campaign. I cannot tell you how much i would like to be wrong about this.


Don’t worry - the chants of ‘Ukraine corruption’ (which is 100% legit - even if it was legal his son doing business over there was pure fuckery) along with his ‘dog faced pony soldier’ and ‘this is my wife’ pointing to his sister will 100% guarantee 4 more years of Trump.


What’s really pissing me off is this:

“When voters were asked whom they’d pick if the primaries were held today, Mr. Biden came out ahead. When asked whom they would make president with the wave of a magic wand, without the candidate needing to win an election, voters went with Ms. Warren.

(emphasis mine)

Yeah. Instead, Biden talked about having a Republican as VP. For fuck’s sake.

Except: not exactly (see above). Too many people supported her but believed she couldn’t win. Ugh.