Elizabeth Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation, RIP

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RIP Liz {who was an acquaintance) - there’s an irony of some sort in that her nipples were famously airbrushed off the cover photo for Prozac Nation. But 52? Fuck cancer.


Much too soon to lose this talent, but her work publicising BRCA will result in a lot of extra years for a lot of women.


This essay of hers is an INTENSE piece of writing. (link grabbed from A.V. Club’s obit).



His mother, my grandma Dorothy in Coney Island with plastic covers on the sofa and wing chairs, would not tell me where he was. She lived her life in linoleum. She was used to the brutal architecture of Trump Village, a lower-middle-class complex built by Fred Trump.

Elizabeth Wurtzel’s grandmother (the mother of the man she believed to be her father) lived in a Trump development. Because of course she did.

I went to yeshiva on the Upper West Side. The principal was also the rabbi of our shul and has since moved on to founding one of the largest settlements on the West Bank.

Because of course he has.

No novelist could get away with this. It’s far too on the nose.


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