Elon Musk gave assistant 2-week test when she asked for raise, and she failed


Someone’s in trouble.


Really think we’re getting the wrong takeaway here.




I apparently screwed up my editing of my post and said something I didn’t mean at all. Also don’t think that anyone is obligated to employ anyone in perpetuity, that’s just stupid. I meant that I think after 12 years most of us would think that an employer owes some loyalty to an employee. That doesn’t mean they will keep their job forever. But the story doesn’t strike me as treating the person with dignity.

The idea that that’s an issue we’re debating is just so weird to me.

I can’t prove that in full context the story describes a shitty way to treat another human being, but I can’t prove I’m not going to win the lottery this week.




WILLY: There were promises made across this desk! You mustn’t tell me you’ve got people to see — I put thirty-four years into this firm, Howard, and now I can’t pay my insurance! You can’t eat the orange and throw the peel away — a man is not a piece of fruit!

BB COMMENTARIAT: So what, they have to keep employing you if they don’t want to?

I feel like running down the street screaming, “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!”


By canopy growth, are you talking leaves? (laymans terms, man)

Where at?

My dad used to work for the Dept of Wildlife in Alaska and worked with monitoring salmon runs among other things.


Whoops, damned autocorrect


Wow, so even thinking that there is a chance there was another perspective to this that doesn’t translate into a few sentences puts one in the same camp as, say, Nazi-sympathizers and whatnot? That’s how I read your statement.

I work for a small company, and while I don’t have a lot of reports, I am senior in the organization. Maybe it’s because of this, I can imagine how having an employee take a vacation (who by all accounts really needed one, see the Quora thread) might give a manager an opportunity to evaluate how a 12-year relationship was working out, talking to other folks in the organization, getting back into better sync about the daily goings-on of that person and their role. Maybe you realize that after 12 years, it’s not working. Last I checked, people get let go of their jobs every day – sometimes with cause, sometimes without. In an at-will state, an employer does not need cause, at all, btw. He apparently offered her another position, maybe it was one with more upward mobility? And then she never showed up again.

Maybe he was purely a raging dick, but maybe he just did what thousands of managers do every single day. I have let people go, people I like. It’s not fun, but if it’s not working for the organization, why exactly would you keep an employee? There is a chance that, justifiably or not, it was not working out for him and/or Tesla any more. Something tells me this was part of the narrative, and it wasn’t as simple as, “Oh, I can do your job without you apparently.” Again, read the Quora thread, some people who (apparently) know both of them have offered some input.


Wow, indeed; way to jump right to Godwin.

Methinks you read way more into that comment than was intended.

It’s not that serious.


You have to admit, I was rocking that glitter.



I would expect that 12 years ago, he had lots that needed to be done, and a munch smaller organization. Now, however, he probably has more than enough people to delegate the duties of an assistant to.


I appreciate you adding more to it.

However, as a note, that request isn’t necessarily crazy. There have been many examples of people who start as an assistant or secretary when a company is basically nothing, and get placed into an executive position when it becomes big.

I just watched Founder, which is a movie about Ray Kroc of McDonalds, played by Batman. At the end they did one of those “what happened to this person” montage, and Joan, his secretary, was promoted to one of the top executive positions (I can’t recall exactly which one.) One of his burger flippers who became his assistant selling franchises became the CEO eventually.


Came here furious, wanting to weigh in. My Internet cut out. I came back hours later, only to find this wellspring of similar sentiments. So surely there’s nothing more to add!? Added my 2 cents regardless, just to spite Elon. Dork move Musk! Stop acting like Trump!


Leaves and a generous helping of branches too.
Nice! Our field site is in SW Colorado, the San Juan mountains, but the lab is in Salt Lake. Nearest I’ve gotten to Alaska was BC, I designed the soil for our growth chamber based on some of the alluvial soils West of Banff.


I can’t help but think that he’ll just spread her work around anyone else who happened to be in the blast radius, adding to their daily stress load.


Your Dad must have been winding you up, mate. Salmon don’t have legs! :wink:


After thinking about this I’m marching right into my bosses office first thinkg this morning and asking for a huge pay cut.


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