Elon Musk has taken to praising himself with burner accounts on his personal social media network

My money is on a former co-worker/employee or journalist that called him out on one of his dumb ideas.

(like, I want a tachometer that goes to 420 mph! Not a real idea, just something I made up for illustrative purposes, but the fact that I feel the need to clarify this…)


I managed to lock myself out of Twitter about two months ago and my mood has been considerably improved. The algos that serve up nothing but the stuff that pisses you off are truly insidious.




maybe it’s supposed to be “I drained it man”?


This is pretty pathetic. Here we have Musk, who already has an army of (granted, largely bot) defenders, feeling the need to create sock puppets to talk about what a great person he is, which is already weirdly pathetic for the world’s formerly richest man. On top of which, the response to the revelation is pathetic and self-destructive as well. Banning a popular account, that brings value to your collapsing platform, just to try to slow public awareness of (yet another) sock puppet also has the opposite result due to the Streisand effect. (It would be kind of funny if Liam Nissan deleted his account to create the effect, but given the pettily censorious nature of Elno, I’m assuming he’s behind it.) Elno just can’t help but shoot himself in the foot and blame others for it.

He also axed Navalny’s widow account. Turns out the commitment to free speech is overridden by the desire to cape for fascists and Elno’s every petty whim. Wow, it’s almost like “free speech absolutism” was just a code for “let the Nazis in.” Gosh, that can’t possibly be right…

Yeah, but also likely a reference (or two) to some fictional character, from some works he completely failed to understand.

Maybe it’s just the Ozymandius quote above, but “Adrian” makes me think of Adrian Veidt from Watchmen, because Elno thinks of himself as a supergenius trying to save the world. Dittmann could be taken from any number of thriller authors, Mads Mikkelsen’s middle name, a reference to a “Resident Evil 4” glitch… You never know with Elno, how dumb a reference it will end up being.


its elno; its his fucking voice, stutters and all. he really thinks he cant be hold liable for talking with these nazis under an alias and just by saying its not him;

(e/ cut the alex jones bit out, voices are annoying enough.)


Pretty much why i thought of the quote, which the comparison to Adrian Veidt is also appropriate for Musk


Dittman = Ditto man?

Callback to Dittoheads, or just code for his sockpuppet Yes Man?


It seems like Musk is the kind of guy who literally can’t think of names other than the letter X or jokes other than “my pronouns are” and 420. I assume if there is anything clever about Adrian DittoDittmann, it’s because he took it from someone else.

Also, Musk keeps mentioning all these sci fi works as supposed inspirations. But then I notice pretty much everything he goes on about – neural implants, Mars colonies, virtual currency, the world being a simulation, drilling machines, self-driving cars, even horrible polygonal vehicles – are all just from Total Recall. What do you want to bet he just liked the action movie with the three-breasted prostitute and is only pretending he actually read any books?


bullseye. thats totaly it.


Back in 2016 I raced against the Liam Nissan in the 24 Hours of Lemons.

It’s probably a different guy. Well, Liam appears the same…



I agree with @DasKleineTeilchen on this one. Also, would make it clear that Elmo understood the character of Ozymandias about as well as Ozymandias understood the poem Ozymandias.


Joe Biden Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live



Elon needs to log off and go outside and do a hobby beside being a terrible person on Twitter. :confused:


It’s, ummm, maybe got some grain in it?

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Pretty sure his hobby is “building cred toward supervillain character” and it appears he’s naturally skilled.

Do we have a James Bond superhero in training for the inevitable showdown?

Bueller? Bueller?

High School GIF


Doctor Who Yes GIF


On the bright side, maybe lil X is just trying to choke him…


I was thinking paintball, high end model rockets or RC cars or off road vehicles or experimental wing suits…

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