Elon Musk uses Twitter to tell Independents: "Vote for a Republican"

You know, I think not knowing if a person is a celebrity or not was part of the charm of the old web. It divorced the message from the appeal to authority, and so you judged the post on its contents. Eventually, on the history of that handle, but you never knew who that person was outside of the bulletin board. I don’t need to know what Stephen King wrote, and if I do, he can write it on his blog.

You know, I just realized it’s why I spend hours daily reading the Boing Boing BBS and about ten minutes a week on Twitter and Facebook. Combined. If some celebrity is posting here, I am not aware and don’t care, I like the writings of the regular commenters.


i really wish rss had taken off for regular web users, and that google hadn’t closed reader down. i think the problem was just that there was no advertising money in it because you can’t identify interactions as well. [ less shared commenting, so less outrage and clicks. ]


oh yeah, I’m right there with you. Ive actually never even had a twitter account myself, but i have facebook and instagram (and like you I come here a lot and see this message board as a form of social media with a smaller selection of intelligent and curious strangers.) But i also am not a fan of mark Zuckerberg so I’m always hoping something better will come along. I only bring up the celebrity thing because that’s the main reason Ive heard people say they are reluctant to close their twitter account. (maybe celebrity is the wrong word cuz it sounds like i just mean actors and singers when i mean writers, journalists, political activists and politicians too… just famous people in general)


All the broken parts of the US system (electoral college, partisan gerrymandering, unequal representation by the senate, etc) were all put there to prop up slavery. The southern states wouldn’t go along unless they had assurances they could maintain control of slaves. Those are all the mechanisms that haunt America to this day.


Most of the “celebrities” I’ve followed on Twitter are more like “celebrities in their field,” not necessarily well-known to outsiders. If you don’t read sci-fi/fantasy, you might not have heard of, say, Seanan McGuire, but she’s a Name to be reckoned with in that genre (and a lovely person!) Weird Al and Bernie Sanders are probably the biggest folks I follow… and I don’t follow anyone who’d advocate voting Republican.

I’ve reactivated my Tumblr account and will probably kill my Twitter after I hunt down my password (though the flaming garbage fire has been interesting to watch so far.) I’m not sure about Mastodon yet.


And that man wrote (writes?) a technology column!


Supposedly, it would be in the political self-interest of politicians to act in a way that preserves the “liberty interest”


didn’t quite work out that way. The author later became president, and iirc, rather skillfully embraced factionalism for his own political goals. Oh well.


I propose a new rule: anyone who runs for elected office must complete this oath, loudly, publicly, on Twitter and in writing “I swear to accept the certified results of this election”. Period. Full stop.


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