Elon Musk's adult daughter is transgender and wants nothing to do with him

Thank you. I mean I assume your assessment is correct but I’m still sort of like gob smacked at how it’s arrived at and how much context is necessary.

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It be the un-cute version of Ice Bear.

We Bare Bears Panda GIF by Cartoon Network

I didn’t get that at all. I thought Elon was identifying with the needlessly cruel, luxuriating in the cruelty, soldier rubbing blood over themselves in an act of evil signaling (which the writing on the hat also is), because while the cruelty may not be the actual whole point with the far right, it certainly is a part of the journey they particularly enjoy.

I still find your interpretation a stretch.

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It is important to respect everyone’s preference for pronouns. Musk’s is that they suck.

Jordan Peterson believes forcing people to use other people’s pronouns of choice is a free speech violation so I exercise my right to free speech by referring to Peterson with she/er pronouns in keeping with her beliefs. It’s what she wants.


Musk pretends he’s a centrist who’s on the right because the left has gone too far, and talks about how the woke mind virus is destroying civilization, and openly says pronouns suck right here. But sure. He’s illustrating himself as being a murderer for not respecting them.

Cool, thank you for sharing.


Absolutely he is, as well as an immature self-absorbed asshole, in general.


I’m not sure what you’re objecting to in @chenille’s comment. I don’t think anything they are saying contradicts him being a cruel asshole. :woman_shrugging:

It’s a good fucking bit of it, though.


I don’t object to their interpretation, I just think that Musk was illustrating his enjoyment in hurting people. He has a lot of previous in that. He has also in making himself the victim when he is not so other interpretations are, obviously, open.

I’ve already spent more time thinking about parsing his intent in stupid memes than is ever warranted.

And that contradicts anything @chenille said how? I’m just unsure why you called them out, I guess.


I think I may have cracked your ingenious code.
If you substitute the E for a W, the L for an A, take away 4x23, add 2, divide by 4, then I think you can directly translate the phrase “Elon Musk” as “Wanker”. Did I get close?


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