Elon Musk's unpleasant persona hurts Tesla brand: survey says

Do they sell MGs in the US? I think they are the biggest Chinese brand in the UK.

Also some of the major “European” marques have cars that are classified as Chinese imports by the EU. Some Teslas are too.

ETA those Polestars are nice but very pricy. Cars need to get much smaller, much slower, and much less common if they are to be a realistic part of a viable future.



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I see they were “expected to go on sale in the US market in Summer 2024”. But I guess the Biden trade war and tariffs the media don’t like reporting has scuppered that.

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And I don’t think it was a coincidence that suddenly people started talking about Tesla’s quality problems immediately after Elno took over Twitter and showed who he is. There was this spell cast over the media, where no one wanted to break ranks in pretending Elno was some super-genius whose acts couldn’t be questioned, but he broke that spell, allowing everyone to be more honest about it all. Even here, Elno ends up being responsible for the reputational hit.


I tend to agree; it seems like if Musk had just stayed out of the spotlight and kept his shitty self to himself, he probably could have coasted through the rest of his life maintaining that “real life Tony Stark” mythology so many fanboys were so eager to bestow upon him.


“Oh look, the emperor is naked!


It seems like Tesla’s going to fall, hard (wildly over-valued, promises it can’t deliver on, all the other car companies making electric vehicles that are cheaper and better made) and it would have been interesting to see how much cover the media would have given him, if he hadn’t blown up his mythology. I suspect quite a lot, even as Tesla circled the drain - they could point to SpaceX as proof of his genius (rather than Gwynne Shotwell’s), despite his lack of involvement.

It’s funny, I always thought of Musk’s self-mythologizing as the one thing he was actually really good at. Otherwise his wealth and position were pure luck - born a wealthy white male, went to private schools where the connections he made allowed him to turn even his failures in business into enormous wealth. But it turns out the mythologizing was probably more the media than anything - trying to explain his position as one of the world’s wealthiest people, they quickly fell into “just world” fallacies, which propelled him into being the wealthiest. Musk couldn’t even maintain the myth by keeping his mouth mostly shut - his need for attention meant he revealed what an idiot he is, in addition to being a terrible person.


Pretty much the point I’d already made; thx 4 expounding.


They really dug their own grave with the Cybertruck. Where by “they” I mean “prosecute”, since that is apparently Elon Musk’s preferred pronoun.


You’re very right - it raises all sort of interesting questions and “what ifs.” I just feel chagrined that I even gave Musk any credit for his own mythologizing.

By the time I first heard his name, his mythos was already starting to crack.

(How I miss the days when I had no idea who he was…)


Musk’s latest public display of stupidity is suggesting that the remains of the Francis Scott Key Bridge could be reassembled.

(source on Xitter)


9 months ago, I bought a Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV. The major reason I did not consider Tesla was my feelings about Musk. So yes!


I’ve been only vaguely aware of him since he took over Tesla, but all I knew about him was the media mythologizing (which I at least sub-consciously bought into and didn’t think about) until maybe 2013 when “hyperloop” made it obvious he’s an idiot, at which point I realized it was all mythology. I also wish I didn’t know who he is, but I suppose - if he must exist* - it’s good that we do, because otherwise he’d still be awful, but would be like those other billionaires quietly working behind the scenes and having influence. Musk being unable to even maintain his own mythology is helping undermine his power.

*I really wish he didn’t…


Makes one wonder what kind of safety standards he has for the steel used in his cars and rockets.




W.T.A.F?! This isn’t reclaimed wood you slap up in a coffee shop or farm-core kitchen, ffs!


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