Elon’s struggle with Twitter revenue? He blames the Jews

Don 't listen to the above comments. You’re doing the right thing by pointing out nazis.

God/Goddess/Gaia/Galaxy bless you.

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'Tis indeed the right thing to do, but 'tis a burden that no one should have to bear.

At this point, engaging with Twitter is a recipe for exhaustion.


I guess that they are committed to drowning the world in propaganda; like how people think that the Third Reich was “ruthlessly efficient”, rather than being a rabid rats’ nest of infighting, and self-defeating cruelty.


What statements are you alleging the ADL to have made?

Did McQueen win his lawsuit? Or was that just a technical appellate decision allowing his case to proceed?

And was McQueen a public figure?

Has McQueen been upheld and if so has it been upheld outside of Indiana?


Come on guys-you asked for an example of a case where the implications of undisclosed facts was enough to cause liability and one was provided. Now you’re complaining that it didn’t exactly match the current situation?

It is of course important whether something applies to the actual situation you’re discussing. And whether it is still operational.

The case law for public figures is different from that for private citizens.


Also it’s a much more reasonable inference that one’s former employer based a disparaging statement on undisclosed facts.

If my employer fired me and issued a press release saying the reason for my dismissal was due to racism, then that would create a strongly implied statement of fact that someone inside the organization had been alerted to specific racist behavior that wasn’t public knowledge.

If the ADL pointed to things I’d said or done and said “that’s antisemitism in action, folks!” then that would be protected speech even if there was room for disagreement about their opinion.

Apples and oranges.


Also any and all engagement with Twitter benefits Musk and the financial viability of the fascist hellscape he created.

The only way to win is not to play.


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