Enjoy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Spice Girls-themed salute to female friendships and world domination


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God I love that show and all the broken persons, relationships, and friendships within.

It gets a little too real sometimes, but that’s the point.


As a retired Bartender I’ve seen that show, many times.


I don’t watch the show very much, but I always love the songs. Rachel Bloom is a delight.


So does Doc Martin, and people identify with pretty varied characters, not just the title character.

Crazy Ex-GF is something good that came out of 2016.


Eh, I hesitate to even say “diversity” because they’re casting for real-life character tropes and not “characters”. Total agreement.


The neighbor’s dad is basically someone I think I know. Blueberry pancakes at 4 am, no problem!


Did they smother their children with niceness too? :smiley:

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