Enjoy this delightful live mini-concert from Superorganism


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You’re making it hard to scoff at hipsters, Superorganism. :smiley:



I saw Super-orgasm, but wait there’s more…


And to think, I spent 20+ years learning how to actually play a musical instrument so I could be in a band.


I just linked their (her?) song in the “This is America - Woman Version” thread.


The kids are alright.


Enjoyed the show - enjoyed it even more when I read they are Maine-based! So am I!
(/geeks out, looks for performances)

They’re playing all over the world, but not here. :frowning: There are downsides to Maine and its tiny population. Best of luck to other fans: https://www.songkick.com/artists/9143299-superorganism/calendar

EATA: (is that a thing?)
I did a deeper dive on Superorganism and found their quirky interactive music video/game at http://escapetheinter.net/.


Saw this a couple weeks ago and very much enjoyed it. @wizardofsquid, thanks for the extras!


This is the best song about prawns I’ve ever heard.


This makes me so happy


it’s much easier to if you mute it. With sound on all that talent really takes the bite out any attempt at hard feels.


That’s the fun bit of music: getting together with friends and having fun. And maybe doing it on NPR.


Well, Orono is indeed from Maine, but they all live in a shared house in East London:

Per their Wiki entry, they hail from Lancashire, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand - and I’m 110% excited I have a ticket to see them at Shepherds Bush Empire in October! Loved the first few tracks they released, and the album is brill.

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