Enormous collection of '50s-'70s counterculture books, comix, and ephemera up for auction


What’s with all the auction posts of late (not complaining, just curious)?

I’m astounded that Silk Road and legalization efforts are still considered more harmful than letting people take a whack at the recipes in that zine.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near that DMT recipe.


Came here to say that exact same thing. I can see a little where he is going, but missing a TON. He knows a little about chemistry but just enough to make his a super-dangerous dumb-ass. This is where he was going with that…

I like this part too: “It’s evaporated when it starts smelling like DMT and stops smelling like tetrahydrofurane”

Jeez, don’t do a wash or anything. WTF? And then the fact that THF has a tendency to generate higly explosive peroxides when exposed to Oxygen. You can make the first DMT bomb!


Make DMT? I can barely make spaghetti.

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I mean hey, it’s DMT, right? So that’s good news.

But no. It isn’t. And you better hope emergency services can get to whatever hillside you set up your lab on.

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I’m pretty sure the page used to illustrate this played a key role in an episode of Quincy.

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