Entire Justin Amash Town Hall. Relating to first GOP calls for impeachment. Facebook rip posted to youtube included

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Update. I’m ripping the video and I’ll post it up here once I’m done.

Update 2. I ripped the video but, have to re-encode to post it to boingboing.

Update 3: posted it to youtube… we’ll see how long it lasts.

Update 4: I’m ripping some other videos from FB to post them to youtube to make them more freely accessible.

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I don’t agree with many of his policy positions, but I’m impressed by his willingness to engage with the crowd. Mo Brooks (R-AL, who sees town halls as attack surfaces to be eliminated) could learn several dozen things.

ETA: And of course it’s impressive that he’s bucking his own party and calling for impeachment. Nice work uploading.


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