Entropy explained, beautifully, in comic-book form

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But no mention of Shannon entropy :crying_cat_face:

“Beautiful,” yes! “Explains,” no…


I love Shannon entropy too, but it’s not really necessary for an understanding of entropy. Not that he actually explains entropy. Mentions a couple of salient points in passing, but nothing specific.

To be fair, he claims to “explore” entropy. It’s the journalists who changed that to “explain.”

I just clicked through a few levels, and all I can find is that one page - I don’t think there’s more to it. In which case, very pretty and poetic, but not exactly a dissertation (nor much of a comic book).

Are you saying you couldn’t find this book? (Apologies if you’re not.) I read it after reading Corey’s review awhile back, had a great time with it.

No, I saw the book for sale. I was expecting an article on a website. Silly me.

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