EPA finds more Dieselgate emissions fraud in VW's Audis and Porsches

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So…this thread is…open?

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Completely off topic, pedantic, and “get off my lawn” fist shaking follows:

Could we please, please, please find some other way to indicate an event is scandalous than to append “gate” to a word?

That was over 40 years ago. Was it really such a watershed event, did it make such a change in consciousness that we must continue to remember the name of a previously unknown hotel Every Single Time we feel betrayed?


Thank you for your time :smile:

You can thank Nixon’s former-speechwriter-turned-journalist William Safire for that, seemingly out of an attempt to make Watergate seem less important.

I think it kinda backfired, now no-one will ever forget the Watergate Scandal and how paranoid and corrupt the Nixon Administration was.