Epstein "madam" Ghislaine Maxwell denies everything in unsealed deposition

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I’m sure that secret agent Q will crack this horrible case of paedophilia and child trafficking.

Or maybe not.


How long until it’s revealed that Maxwell was working against Epstein this whole time on behalf of Trump?


Is there any record of her even existing before JFK, Jr. “died”?


You’re close, so close. You see, the real story is that JFK Jr. recruited her about ten years before he faked his death and went underground. He needed an inside person because he knew he was being targeted by Iranian death squads hired by Contra guerillas as money was being funneled through the UN and Ikea, and she had a… oh… I don’t know… a sort of je ne sais quoi that he knew would get her close to the center of the world wide ring of cannibal pedophiles. It was a brilliant stroke, Jeff fell for her immediately. She’s been feeding him information ever since, and this story she told on the stand was because the judge and both lawyers are part of the cabal, so she had to hold her fire until JFK reveals himself (any day now… any day…)

Crap, I may have to amend my story to mention that she IS John F. Kennedy, Jr., in disguise. Good call on that change. Have you ever thought of a career in editing?


She’s filing her nails
while they’re dragging the lake


Nice pic of Donny smallhands with young Eric and Ivanka and Uncle Jeffrey…


Wow. There’s straining credulity, now there’s this.

I guess the strategy is to deny everything until she gets the right deal for the go bag of damning evidence she has hidden somewhere.


Why did she want this sealed? It doesn’t seem like anything other than “Did Virginia Roberts sleep with Marvin Minsky?” “No, they don’t even know each other.” etc. What was the advantage of not having her denial be public?

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Because people who may have contradictory evidence may hear her claims and know to come forward with their evidence.


So she was the mastermind, not Epstein. At least, that’s what her complete denial means to me. It means she’s even more involved than anyone suspects.


I am amused not only at the content of that photo, but also where and when it was taken.

Pro-Trump folks like to point out that Trump kicked him out of Mar a Lago after creeping on the teenage daughters of members.

This photo was taken about a year after that (alleged) ban, at Mar a Lago in 2000. So if the ban was real, it didn’t last.


I did not expect to see an Elvis Costello reference here, especially such an old one.

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I assume that Minsky is the black rectangle mentioned on page 145, lines 3 and 11.

as for why she opposed the unsealing of the motion,

Maxwell’s attorneys sought to seal exactly 418 pages of her 2016 testimony by arguing that it would unfairly prejudice the jury in her upcoming criminal trial over sex trafficking charge after a lower court authorized the deposition’s disclosure earlier this year.

Not sure on whether the deposition can be entered in evidence. I suspect it can, but at trial, a good lawyer can blunt its effectiveness.


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