Errol Morris has uploaded his 'First Person' documentary series to YouTube

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So… this guy is a misogynist. Is this known? Because I only made it 10 mins into this video before I couldn’t finish because of how much it was clear he hates women.


Morris’ channel gives each episode a witty title, but there’s no way to know who the ‘eccentric person’ being interviewed is at a glance. You have to click on each one, and THEN click ‘read more’ and so far, i haven’t seen any that look compelling.

WAIT, wikipedia to the rescue:

turns out the “first person” that he interviewed is Temple Grandin!


I got season 2 from Netflix (back when they mailed you DVDs). There is exactly one good episode, and it’s about the crash of UA Flight 232 in 1989. I remember this one being riveting.


Perhaps who “this guy” is could be clarified? Rick Rosner, I presume?


Yes, I was referring to Rick. I did go back and watch the rest of it, and he softens a bit from outright misogynist (blaming women for all his problems) to just “guy with some very deep issues around women”. He’s sort of an incel in recovery. Either way I need a shower after watching that.


Rosner has popped up on boingboing a few times in the past.
the op video is only about his eccentricities, which are more compelling to a tv audience, but they never follow up on the book he found with the diagrams of how spacetime bends as it approaches the speed of light. it’s like a whole segment that teases that he’s interested in physics, but it never follows up to say if he pursued it. so anyway, he works on physics problems now. don’t remember his academic affiliation (if any, but I think so) but from what I understand he’s contributing to further the field in some meaningful way. but his money gig is as one of the writers for the Jimmy Kimmel show.
anyhow, Morris didn’t feel it was necessary to flesh out that part of his life, but I just happen to have read that stuff here in the past.


Thank you

The whole interview I wondered how much darker his attitude would have been if he had the modern internet to accelerate his shittier impulses. He is the very picture of insufferable, boorish self-obsession, which I imagine overlaps with MRAs & incles quite a lot.


Totally. You can feel really gross attitudes about women very close to the surface. There but for the grace of 4chan went he.

That short film really buried the lede, in my opinion- he’s been harassing an exasperated female producer for a decade because he can’t admit he screwed up.

His post-hoc-rationalized excuse about the phrasing (“which of these” vs “what is”) is ridiculous because:

a) His answer was still wrong regardless of phrasing, because he chose Kathmandu. If he genuinely believed the phrasing was wrong, Quito is the better choice anyway.


Maybe he’s a brilliant physicist or whatever, I dunno. All I can tell from this is that he’s apparently an insufferable human that is one bad breakup away from ending up in a clock tower with a rifle.

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He sat in that chair for a very long time before giving his answer. Certainly if he thought they were asking for the highest capital city in the world and he thought the answer wasn’t there he could have brought it up.

But the fact is he didn’t know what the highest capital city was until he researched it after the show. He 100% knew that he was being asked to pick the city with the highest elevation from a list of 4. He failed.

What a supremely creepy dude. This incel prototype forges documents to allow himself to re-enter high school as a “cool dude” numerous times in his 20’s at the same time he’s working as a stripper. There like a 0% chance that he didn’t commit statutory rape. I sympathize with any women who have had to share a writer’s room with this cretin.

I have to go take a shower now.

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