Escalation, deescalation

I did not know where to put this, but this is as good a place as anywhere.
It feels like a lifetime ago, but I looked it up and it was just October.

I lost my shit and shouted, because I had the impression that commenters were not only accepting the possibility of a second civil war, but were expecting it to happen, accepting and buying into a narrative tweeted out of the WH.

I was so wrong, it hurts.

(If you need to find out, read my rant.) But rather don’t. It’s embarrassing.

I thought about deleting it. But it would not change being at fault.

In that topic, people spoke about the possibility of the military used against citizens in the US, they discussed drones being used against militia, about pro-Trump groups actually trying to start a civil war.

I tried to argue (terribly) that the US were not a failed state, that likes which would like to instigate a civil war were a minority, I (terribly) expressed (or tried) that I would not think the military could be used against civilians in the US, and tried to express some (misguided) belief in general sanity in society and even parts of the administration (including the military and law enforcement).

I was so wrong on all parts, it seems. Even after things seem to be cooling off a little currently, it still seems a possibility that the USA could crash into a civil war. And that people talking about it aren’t actually buying into a narrative pitched by the WH and being manipulated to create a deeper division of society, as I thought, but the WH is actively trying to make this a realistic possibility. It is a possibility, and it already was back then, obviously.

I will continue to be sorry about my mistake. Which doesn’t change a thing.

Sadly, I will very likely make similar mistakes, for which I also will be sorry. Which doesn’t change a thing, either. I seem unable to learn from my mistakes. Which fucks me up no end.


In the current timeline, October was an eternity ago. The key to being A Good Person® is not inherent angelic-ness, but the willingness to look at your past actions, recognize where you screwed up and rather than going into a defensive crouch (seems the most common response these days) to resolve to correct your actions going forward, redress any injuries your actions may have caused, if you can, and be aware that you are going to screw up again, because we all do. Don’t waste too much time beating yourself up. You are a valued poster here, I value your input in areas I am not so I strong in. Not too many folks saw where this would go back then, at least with any specifics. Holy shit, and did the train go off the tracks!


FWIW, I think only in the last few days has that risk of civil war diminished.

Witness the overwhelming support for BLM and the defection of more and more Republicans away from Trumpism.

I think Trump has shot his bolt.

(Edit - I mean #LoserTrump)


I think there is one part perhaps you (and others like myself) were not wrong about…for a new civil war and more specifically for Nostradumbass and others to truly create a totalitarian regime…they need the active US military.

The military and national guard have shown who they are in these past couple weeks. They have categorically said “no. we are not here to take action against US citizens”.

Now, this could change; but I am incredibly doubtful it will. I think that right now it is one of the hopeful spots within the turmoil…albeit a small part.


Honestly I think you should be more forgiving of yourself for just… like having normal human emotional reactions to an incredibly stressful situation. Emotions are useful and important. For you it must have looked like a bunch of agitators making trouble with their emotions and that’s fair enough. It was enough to upset you at the time and that is also fair enough. That’s what it means to be a living breathing human animal.

Right now what is giving me hope is the fact that more and more people are recognizing these protests as protected speech at their core which means a majority of people in this country have not completely abandoned the idea of democracy even as some are actively fighting against it. Even if things get worse, people are looking for a way forward together. Currently the actual US military has refused to attack it’s own citizens. That gives me hope. I don’t know if we are out of the woods yet but it’s a precarious situation. On one hand our institutions are failing us in a very real way, on the other hand if we abandon all faith in their capacity to do better we will dissolve into chaos. If people can still come together and protest injustice to pressure our leaders to do better though, then at the very least all hope is not lost.


Yes, this. I think Trump & Co were trying to turn this into the civil war they need. For a few minutes there, it seemed like it might go there. And I am feeling more hopeful than in a long time,despite the ongoing horrors. And not just for a peaceful regime change. I feel like most Americans are realizing we’ve lost control of the police.

Even generally pro-cop colleagues that think “defunding” the police is “crazy” are agreeing that we do need a basic restructuring of the police, including disarming beat cops.


I stopped talking to you around that time, because constant defeatism is not only unhelpful to someone in the struggle, it’s down right demoralizing, even if that wasn’t your intent.

Not many people can admit it when they are wrong, let alone are they willing to do so publicly and unprompted.

So I give you credit where it’s due now.

As I keep saying;

The fight for justice and equality is an ongoing battle, yet thus far it’s NOT lost…

Keep fighting the good fight, in whatever ways we can.




Thank you for admitting to ignorance, and taking responsibility for …

One thing I love about this forum is that we all can be opinionated, but when presented with facts that should change our opinions, we generally do.
The people here have opened my eyes on a lot of issues and cultural standards. We all live in bubbles, and forums and bulletin boards have helped me expand mine, and become a little less ignorant. Over the last ten years, I’ve learned a lot from the community here about what life is like from their perspective, and what’s going on in their part of the world. You’ve contributed to that, and I thank you for it.


Thanks for your words. Will take time to process some of your thoughts, and mine.

I am looking at the last weeks in horrified astonishment. And I have the feeling that I have no idea where the US are heading, on any field.

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