Caravan of killers headed to border

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That’s quite a convoluted link. Better to use the one not from your mail, but one that the BBS can make a preview of:

That said, yeah, it does seem like the only violent groups heading to the border are rednecks.


Someone call Machete.

(But don’t text)

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I have read the US military is preparing for the possibility of conflict with the militias. Seems like those rebel flags might not be just for show.


The rise of the para-para-para-military.


You can already see the future history deniers revisionism: "The 2nd American Civil War war of leftist aggression wasn’t about keeping immigrants out! it was about Republican rights! "


Yep, there is a strong thread of opinion that Gibbercarrot wouldn’t mind provoking a civil war.

If this doesn’t stop you’re going to have literature students travel to the USA from all over the world to join the resistance.

Always happens.

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Too early. He needs something around Sept/Oct 2020 so he can “delay” the election and install himself as pres until the “emergency” is “over.”

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It’s not even like he’s a deep believer. He’s just a thug who’d carelessly sacrifice anything and anyone to get what he wants. The Nazi regime is I reckon not even inspiring to him - he just sees that it worked.

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