Undercover with a prepper militia that patrols the border to fight "drug cartels"


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So this is about Real Americans™ right?


It’s a fraternity for the guys who didn’t go to college.


America is likely the only civilized country in the world where heavily armed paramilitaries are able to openly run around and the authorities do nothing, even “pal” with them …

Crazy …


Except frats are about drinking, sex and drugs - not running around with guns and pretending to be border patrol, without any legal right to do so. Everywhere else in the Western world this sort of thing would get you arrested pretty quickly - armed guys exercising authority that normally belongs only to the state (patrolling borders, arresting trespassers/migrants, etc.) would be heavily heavily frowned upon.


True, that is one minor difference. Think of the guns as being like those spanker paddles, with live ammunition.


Based on what happens, fairly regularly, to Mexicans who actually inconvenience drug cartels; I’m inclined to suspect that the fact that these guys are basically LARPing is very good for their life expectancy.


Lemme guess… hunting “drug cartels” as a pretense for homoerotic behavior?

[Reads article]



…which would make college fraternities preppie militias


What a bunch of assholes

[goes back to growing food, gathering wood]


When I read about the hot sauce in the dick hole I thought … “I’m in”. But when it turned out it was just water I thought “Not worth the drive”. So… I’m out.


“Prepper militia,” or as I like to say, “child-men losers with guns.”


This is just ISIS for Americanism. ISIS isn’t so much about Islam as it is fetishizing the post-apocalypse. They don’t want to be “worker bees”, they don’t want to obey agreed-upon laws, they don’t want to be respectful to people they don’t like. They’d like to have slaves and a dozen under-aged wives and duel people who cut them off in traffic. They want to be Conan; they want to live in Gor.

I think what we are seeing around the world right now is kind of a dustup. It’s like when you are cleaning something that has been dirty for a long, long time and you get into the grime that is set up and hardened. Modernity has pushed so deeply into the connected world, it is not comfortable to be out of sync anywhere, anymore.

I fear we are looking at generations of violent pushback before we are rid of this kind of thinking. This isn’t a rising phenomenon, this is natural selection taking care of what has always been there.


I dunno about the Conan thing, tho; he was less about murder in the name of pique and more about killing snake sorcerers, but otherwise I think you’re totally right.

  1. It is rare to see a III%er out of the basement like this.

  2. Er - uh - is the journalist sure he joined a militia and not an S&M group?


True that.


pssst, “worker bees” is the code word for slaves.


How do we stop producing men like this?


Sending the potential fathers of future men like these to the border to taunt drug cartels and damage each others’ reproductive organs in poorly-thought-out homoerotic hazing rituals actually seems like a pretty good start. Now we just need to find a way to:

A) Help them find actual cartel members to harass
B) Get them there before they procreate