Escaped Pennsylvania murderer back in custody

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“According to Bivens, the owners – who identified themselves as a local dairy farm – had left the keys inside their delivery van, which Cavalcante used to flee some 20 miles north to East Pikeland Township.”

I guessed it was an army surplus Hummer. So close.
But perhaps the delivery was van armor-plated or looked something like this:


The community seems to have been pretty blasé about an escaped killer running around in their midst: “Oh, I’ll just leave these car keys/loaded weapon laying out, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” (Because you know the guy didn’t just randomly chance upon the one vehicle that happened to have keys in it, nor the one house with a gun laying out where he could see it and grab it.)


Having grown up in Maine with dairy farmer grandparents, IME locking cars, doors or guns would sound absolutely ridiculous, regardless of the local news. Though my mom did tell a story of sleeping with a sword in the bed with her once when she was babysitting and the news reported a fugitive on the loose.


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