Essay: "Men could eliminate abortions in 3 months or less without ever touching an abortion law"

I’d suggest that the obverse is true - sex feels better for women when condoms are used. It’s much easier to put worries over pregnancy and disease out of ones mind.


Aww I missed posting early… but yes this.
Fellow dudes it comes down to this pithy joke. If you are not gonna wrap it then take it home and whack it.

I didn’t become a dad in my mid/late 30s because I was abstaining all that time. Condoms work and if you want to fool around without em, then get a vasectomy, be monogamous and have a partner you trust and who is on the pill.

That “but it doesn’t feel as good” BS can fuck right off.


" “Men could eliminate abortions in 3 months or less without ever touching an abortion law”"

The headline is spot on, and a great way to characterize the issue.

“She makes a good case that men are 100% to blame for all unwanted pregnancies,”

Uhm, no. It takes two to get pregnant - I do think there is sexism, unequal power, patriarchy and all sorts of stuff that makes men culpable for unwanted pregnancies, but it is inaccurate to claim “men are 100% to blame for all unwanted pregnancies”. They may be mostly or even 100% to blame in some, maybe even most, unwanted pregnancies, but certainly not all unwanted pregnancies.




Are we talking about consensual intercourse here, or rape? Because if the lady consents to the man doing this no-condom thing, then it’s hard to place 100% of the blame on the man.


I think about this 21-year-old guy on Judge Judy with 10 children from “about four” women whenever people ask men to take more responsibility in family planning. What could we do pragmatically and realistically to prevent attitudes like this from happening? And what can we do to prevent the attitudes of the about four women who made ten children with a guy like this?


We could buy them prescription lenses?



Here’s the punchline:

In contrast, a woman can have non-stop orgasms with or without a partner and never once get herself pregnant. A woman’s orgasm has literally nothing to do with pregnancy or fertility — her clitoris exists not for creating new babies, but simply for pleasure.

No matter how many orgasms she has, they won’t make her pregnant. Pregnancies can only happen when men have an orgasm. Unwanted pregnancies can only happen when men orgasm irresponsibly.

What this means is a women can be the sluttliest slut in the entire world who loves having orgasms all day long and all night long and she will never find herself with an unwanted pregnancy unless a man shows up and ejaculates irresponsibly.

Women enjoying sex does not equal unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Men enjoying sex and having irresponsible ejaculations is what causes unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

And again, it’s intentionally hyberbolic to point out that society, laws, and some people blame women for pregnancies, but it’s much more complicated than that, right?


That’s a mic-drop reply if I’ve ever seen one.


Even that’s overly simplified. You’ve got more infection vectors than just sex, some of which aren’t controllable on the personal level. The direct prevention methods we’ve got, condoms and PrEP, are pretty effevtive. But far below what we could do with a vaccine (and PrEP is significantly more expensive). And insufficient to base an eradication program on.

More over the highest rate of HIV infection isn’t among Gay men (even as thats on the rise). Its among Black men overall. Followed by Black women. A significant reason behind that is the much larger proportion of African Americans in the prison system. Fluid transmitted diseases like HIV and hepatitus are epidemic in the prison system. And transmission often runs through drug use, tattoos, poor standards in prison hospitals.

Big public health issues like this can’t really be boiled down to issues of personal responsibility.


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(Actually, I’m gay and wear a condom so probably no place in this argument so mostly wanted to post a cat gif.)


Yes! That’s why Twitter threads like this are always so grating to me. They are written by someone for their like-minded audience in a weird like/retweet bubble. Most of the men who are legislating against abortion ALSO would legislate condoms out of existence if they could, because the laws are written by someone for their their like-minded audience in a weird legislative bubble.


I was actually referring to, and quoted, Mark’s characterization of the essay, not the essay itself.

A lot of people don’t realize the anti-abortion is also an anti-fornicators thing. They want to punish people that have sex and these are echos from the chaos that was caused by the invention of the pill and It’s madness.


Oh, the essay actually includes that quote.


Huzzah. I’m all for reminding people that consequence-free sex is a lie society tells itself.


This assumes that orgasms are the end all be all to sex.

I’d also point out that a guy can jack off all day long and never get anybody pregnant.


There’s no societal cure for individual stupid. There is a societal cure for anti-choicer stupid that places all the blame for abortions on women and wants to take away their rights to control their bodies because they are women. Part of that cure involves more people acknowledging the point made by the essay.




I’m uncomfortable with any suggestion that protection for an act which takes two people can be laid at the feet on just one of the two. It was wrong to place it on women and it’s wrong to place it on men. I’m all for men taking more responsibility, using birth control, and doing whatever they need to do and I understand that for a long time we placed 100% of the burden on women which was wrong and why I can’t get behind someone who wants to continue inequity by suggesting a different path to inequity is desirable.