Etsy on why it banned magic spells


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I’m guessing supernatural scammers will still get around this by selling a tangible product that’s “enchanted” or “blessed”. Instead of selling the service of performing the spell, they could sell whatever worthless trinket and claim it’s “enchanted” or “blessed” with the power to do whatever they’re selling it to do.


Why would you mess with people who could put a curse on your entire business and all your employees?


They’ve probably sent out a secret communication to those with real power, to remind them that St. Anthony medals and juju bags are still just fine. Actual rituals and incantations must be performed in person, but that’s always been true anyway. Those TV guys are totally bogus.


From the article:

“No product or service that even remotely suggests or claims to have some kind of effect in a person’s life is permitted,” Zasikowski elaborated. “Things like distant healing, spell cast candles, enchanted jewellery, spell kits, spirit conjuring, crystals or oils or other items attaching any kind of metaphysical properties are prohibited.” The new updates forbid services even when they’re attached to a physical object for sale (e.g. bath salts or enchanted jewellery which are sold with the promise of a love spell or, more commonly, one for revenge).


If anyone wants one, I’m selling mojo bags that will ABSOLUTELY NOT make anyone fall in love with you, change your luck, or cure hemorrhoids.


Why would people buy anything which did not “have some kind of effect” on their life?



Why the frakking frak would magical charms be considered metaphysical? Math, logic, distinctions between potentialities and actualities, distinctions between modes of existance, questions about multiverse theories/approaches, questions about whether there is one future or a range of potential futures until one happens, etc. and potentially some questions involving some magical theories, these could be considered metaphysical.


Indeed, the most disturbing thing is the they seem to have bought into the spells to usurp the word metaphysical.



  1. Of or pertaining to metaphysics.
  2. Immaterial, supersensual, not physical (more properly, “beyond” that which is physical).

Since language is descriptive and not prescriptive, a word that etymologically can be broken down to “beyond the physical” can logically be used to describe anything that matches that description, even if there’s a more precise and more common meaning in academia.


Quite a bit of what people refer to as “magic” is rooted in hermetic philosophy and platonism, which could certainly be described as systems of metaphysics.


A sweater has an effect in a person’s life – when worn, it makes them feel warmer than they would have felt had they not been wearing the sweater. By a technical interpretation of the statement, sweaters are no longer allowed to be sold on Etsy?

Yes, I know what they MEANT, but that’s not what they SAID.


That statement is odd. A tarot reading is a service.


This is also a logical extension of their blanket “intangible goods” policy. You can’t, for example, offer photo retouching as a service for sale: you aren’t selling a tangible item, you’re repairing an existing one. Nor can you offer your remote reiki services, or a prayer said in your name. You can sell all the ‘mystic’ oils, crystals, crosses, voodoo dolls, mojo bags, or candles you want, but if you claim that it has a specific intangible effect, that’s not allowed – you’re selling a service.


True, but there’s hardly any difference. With physical objects, the actual atomic particles comprise a nearly negligible, infinitesimally small amount, with most of it being empty space. Physics is by far a subset of metaphysics, with objects being basically very slight knots in energy. There does not appear to be an practical reason for affording physical objects special treatment, as compared to the processes or potentialities they describe.


Without getting into the philosophy of atomic particles, the difference lies in what is promised by the seller. Just as you’re not allowed to use Etsy to sell Photoshop services, you’re not allowed to use it to sell healthcare services, wealth attraction services, or prayer fulfillment services – accompanied by magical charms as a physical element of that service. You can sell the charms, and let folks do what they want with them.


The notion of offering of tangible goods depends entirely upon atomic particles.

Another Etsy problem I have encountered is exclusion of people who offer handmade electronics. I knew somebody who had their shop closed several times with the explanation that their items were “not really hand-crafted” - even though they showed themselves making the PCB at home, and assembling it from the other hundreds of parts. Etsy were unable or unwilling to explain how the thousands of sellers who string up pre-made beads or stain pre-fabricated wood knick-knacks involved any more handicraft.


Quite a lot of engineering is rooted in math, and quite a lot of math assumes that mathematical truths exist independently of our minds…


The services actually specifically say “any metaphysical service”, which neither a sweater nor the comfort it affords qualifies as, being both firmly physical in nature.