Eva Braun's underwear reportedly alive and well in Ohio


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It’s got to be Eva’s underwear - after all, it has her name on them! That couldn’t possibly have been added to any other piece of period pants…


No thanks, I only buy my used underwear the traditional way. . . out of vending machines in Tokyo.


Just so long as there’s none of you know who’s DNA preserved on them…there’s far to many Krieger’s as it is…


Those sure don’t look like period panties to me.


You know who else wore granny panties?


… granny?


You know who else liked these panties? That’s right, Hitler did! You people are exactly like Hitler!


I hear that she got really tired of hearing Herr Hitler uttering this: I bomb London, I invade France, I see Eva’s underpants. They ain’t yellow, they ain’t pink, but oh boy do they stink!


i like the last line of the article. He says if someone buys them, he will sell them, and then take the buyer upstairs and fix em breakfast

i dunno, maybe if the breakfast is spectacular, it may be a good package deal!

but? thank you CRENQUIS for causing me to laugh hard enough to snorf water out of my nose.


Reportedly, her hair brush currently resides in the LA apartment of Lemmy Kilmister.

So, there’s that.


Here and I thought that famous panty collectors were fans of winners.


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