Evangelical congregation gives pastor standing ovation for admitting he raped a high-schooler


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One must always bear in mind, Evangelical Christians don’t ever care about sexual impropriety unless it is by people outside their group. Morals and values are for other people.


These are the same people who said gay marriage must be stopped because gay people are dirty raping pedophiles.


Evangelical Xtianists: “Hate the sin, applaud the sinner (unless the sinner is an evil lyin’ slut impeding a male sinner’s ability to make money)”


The sooner everyone understands that people with authoritarian mindset psychologically project, the sooner society can be made safer from their moral turpitude.


Christ, what an asshole.




Guys you do NOT understand. he asked for forgiveness. And, as messengers of our lord and savior jesus christ, every one of those parishioners has forgiven him in their hearts of hears for raping and forever damaging another human so his life now can go on. See, there’s a major lesson here: that if women would just forgive and forget already then we could all get on with our lives instead of being bogged down in a cycle of blame.


^sarcasm. because fuck that guy. and all the others in that building who let this shit go on. I have hear other older women say ‘well that’s just how men are.’ no they fucking aren’t. At least, not in total and they don’t have to be. They can be many things. But humans perpetuate it and prop it up and allow them to be like that with shit like this.


I only really learned what suckers these people are for the sin, repent, redemption cycle from the Ben Carson saga, which gave us the epic headline

Can’t get in the cycle if you didn’t commit the sin!


“It saddens us that Ms. Woodson has not been on the same road to healing,”

This is truly, truly depraved.



yup. In the framework, god will forgive anything immediately every time, except for not believing in god.

Great construct, isn’t it? Lets the most murderous psychopath earn eternity in paradise with the only condition being that they believe in the god.


No, you douchebag! When you transgress against another person, you ask their forgiveness, not a roomful of people who like you and have never been raped by you.

Jesus is coming again and he’s gonna spank your sleezy ass!


He should be given the opportunity to start a prison mission.


I used to be Pentecostal (don’t judge me!); I could swear there was also something in there about having genuine repentance in one’s heart there; not just mere belief in God/Jesus… but then again, I did leave the church, because after a while I noticed that a shit load of people were ‘talkin the talk’ but not ‘walkin the walk.’


and now if she brings it up again, she’ll be told to “get over it” and “move on”.


I am all for forgiveness, IF the culprit is truly sorry, understands why what he did was wrong, and is truly trying to improve himself. Doing some kind of serious hardcore charity work for the cause in question helps a lot in judging if they are being honestly repentant. But my impression is that evangelicals will forgive their own over and over again, and whether that person ever improves doesn’t matter, hence the apology is a cop-out, a ‘get out of jail free’ card they can keep cashing in. Additionally it’s good theater, an act he can trot out for the congregation, a beautiful “healing” ploy



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Damn! I’ve been doing it all wrong. Here I have been avoiding doing horrible things to people sexually because it would be wrong. Who knew I could just do horrible things and just say “God forgives me.” and get a standing ovation.



I suppose we would prefer he denied the incident ever occurred, and slander the victim?