Even conservatives admit Hillary Clinton made fools of the Benghazi committee


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She didn’t make fools of them.

They did that entirely on their own while she watched and smiled.


My God!

The Corinthian!


Not just smiled:


The look she gave of total, utter contempt and boredom was AMAZING. Know the one I mean? With her hand on her cheek? Yeah, that one.

She never lost her cool.
She never made a misstep.
She was a poised badass and nobody there could touch her. And the more they tried, the worse they looked.


She handled herself well in a tough room.

You know before this I used to think she would not make a good president because she would do nothing but provoke the ire of the right. But that was some nifty political Aikido where the more they attacked her, the more they hurt themselves.

Now I’m pretty sure she can soar above anything they throw at her, even as they plot her impeachment before she’s even elected.


They had Obama’s impeachment planned as well. How’s that worked out so far?


The GOP-Billary theatrical show continues. No essential difference between them.

“The US will probably continue to arm militants in Syria, keeping Putin busy, at least until 2016 presidential elections. With a more willing puppet than Obama to follow neocon agenda (any GOP, or Hillary), Washington may then open a new front in the Russian borders.”



Gawker ran an even better picture earlier that just completely summed it up:

I’m not a Hillary fan at all, but she owned it, and this ended up being a $4.7M campaign ad for her.


Classic partisan witch hunt. Even if we were to assume that she was culpable in the case of Benghazi, which really doesn’t seem to be the case, it doesn’t hold the remotest candle, for sheer fucked-uppedness, to the fact that she voted for the Iraq war. I wonder why they aren’t going after her for that?


If you look at both parties’ slate of presidential hopefuls, one thing is clear: The Democrats have an embarrassment of riches, while the Republicans are just an embarrassment.




I know I’m laughing my ass off at those Reich Wing Loonies!




Anyone who thinks there is no difference between the Dems and the GOP, is simply not paying attention.


You do realize that she made that vote based on the false information cooked up by Bush and Cheney, right?


Are you talking about old lady Hillary?


The idea that she cast her vote based on anything other than which way the wind was blowing is laughable.

There were people who voted against. No one should get a free pass on Iraq. Just because she had political cover doesn’t make it right.


I think what Josh Marshall said over at TPM was pretty incisive: imagine any of the GOP Presidential nominees handling that committee as deftly as she did, without getting flustered or having deer-in-the-headlights moments.


Sweet jesus. This argument was asinine in the extreme back in the Clinton / Bush years before the GOP had completely lost it’s fucking mind.

To make it now is just willfully stupid.