Even the telco industry thinks Ajit Pai is an asshole for maiming Lifeline, a broadband subsidy for poor Americans


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Ajit Pai is an asshole

Truer words have never been spoken.


Now that the Federal Government is no longer offering the $9.25 subsidy to poor subscribers, the states should take ownership of these accounts and implement “single payer” (one bill) for these services which are the rates are set and paid for by the state.

Otherwise the states could make it a condition for the telco industry to offer 100% subsidy to these poor subscribers as a condition of doing any business with the state, and that is inclusive of permit approvals for their infrastructure needs.


Capitalist cannibals are never going to understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


I…don’t mean this as a compliment…but this situation might actually demonstrate that Pai possesses principles(or at least a principle):

The various FCC subsidy programs for uneconomic subscribers(lifeline for poor; Universal Service for out-in-the-sticks, etc.) have generally been regarded as a pretty sweet deal for the providers: the fees are levied on everyone, so they aren’t a competitive advantage or disadvantage(and are sometimes used as a smokescreen for padding the bill with opaque bullshit charges); and the programs consist of getting paid by the feds to have customers who would otherwise be too poor or too scattered to sell to.

Not the commanding heights of the industry; but a solid niche for the companies that specialize in it.

Pai’s actions here suggest that he might be willing to let his distaste for the poors outweight his fealty to his paymasters. And people accuse him of being a mere mercenary hack!


Hands don’t feed you, bootstraps do!



Does this guy’s own mother even like him?


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