Evercarts: one flash cartridge for all of your retro video games

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Nice post. Except…. These are all made in Ukraine and thusly, you won’t be buying any from Stone Age Gamer anytime soon. An understatement. You’ll have to resort to much elevated prices on eBay as I had recently.

It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on krikzz.com and the @krikzz Twitter account (with the caveat that if you scroll down @krikzz a little ways there are some retweets of war photos that you may not want to see). Krikzz has resumed production and reopened the store.

Prices have gone up and carts sell out pretty quickly, but they’re available intermittently. But you’re probably right that they won’t be available from third-party resellers like Stone Age Gamer for awhile yet.

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for gameboy, you can always get GBxCart and re-flash $3 fake pokemon carts from china. :slight_smile: Also as a bonus you can use the thing to download Game Boy Camera photos onto your computer

Good luck ordering anything from China these days. Obviously a more viable source than Ukraine, but you are talking months to delivery in a lot of cases because of the delays caused by their lockdowns.

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