Every Booby Trap in 'Home Alone', the flipbook (GENIUS)

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this cant be a coincidence…(6h ago)

and no, there is nothing special about this episode…

It’s been a very long time since I saw “Home Alone” (28 years?), but was one of the booby traps really shooting a guy in the dick?

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I thought that was the whole movie. Or maybe I’m thinking of the sequel.

I’ve never seen the movie, but it saturated so deeply into the culture that I recognize everything in the flip book. Which I kind of resent; it feels like an infection, like all of the Seinfeld bits that wormed their way way into my head even though I didn’t watch the show at all. But: whenever a reference to Home Alone crosses my path, I’m reminded that despite repeated media reports about his drug addictions, HIV status, and death (sometimes all three at once), Macaulay Culkin managed to escape the usual traps that come with being the biggest child star since Shirley Temple, got himself emancipated from his parents, held onto his money, and moved to Paris, where he transformed himself into a mellow bohemian and then turned his NYC apartment into an artist’s studio for his friends. I’m oddly pleased by that whole progression. Whenever I see a recent interview with him, it always seems to me that he’s somehow settled into a genuinely good life, in the Classical sense - flourishing, living well, just chock full o’ eudaimonia.

And then there’s this, of course. The flailing around at the end just kills me.

/I’ve probably thought about this too much


as I said; there is nothing special about that new BotW I linked to, nothing at all, not even a special guest, nope

Staring Culkin, Pesci, AND DANIEL STERN.

Sorry but there isn’t a Wet BanditS with just one guy and Stern is even on the jacket cover too. Give credit where it’s due.


If only he had killed Trump in the sequel.

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He was this close

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It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a whole bunch of cartoonish violence.

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I…feel as though you’re trying to tell me something.


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