Fan theory: in Home Alone, Kevin is dead

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So hook him up with the Sixth Sense kid. Problem solved.


So this would be the basis for a Home Alone/Sixth Sense mashup?


And then in Home Alone 2, we find out he didn’t go to Heaven when he died, he went to Hell, as is evident by the presence of Donald Trump. :thinking:


So does that mean that the tree actually fell on him, too and that is why they threw away his ticket?


OMG! Mind Blown!


I don’t buy it. The theory that Kevin’s father is a mobster is more convincing:


Nah I’m not buying it. That quote conveniently misses a lot of speech from Gus before Kate responded “You know, we went back at night and apparently he had been alone all day with the corpse. He was okay though, after two, three weeks he came around and started talking again…”. Clearly Kate was getting stressed at the thought of her son taking so long to recover so asked Gus to shut it!


So primary issue with “Kevin is dead” theory…

The oldest daughter does a count of the kids and mistakenly counts the kid next door who was bumbling around the passenger van. The mom then asks how many she counted and she says the number which would have to include Kevin.

The issue for the film’s premise of him being left home alone is also a huge plot hole for the same reason. Once they would have gotten to the airport, Kevin would have had to have been there and accounted for his ticket to get on the plane. Even back in the 80’s/90’s that was standard practice for a passenger to board with ticket in hand. So they would have known before getting on the plane that Kevin was not there.

Additionally as mentioned by @gracchus the theory that Kevin’s dad is a mobster is also completely blown. First and foremost the “Wet Bandits” would have known NOT to rob that house as experienced burglars in that city they’d know who is connected and who to steer clear from. Additionally, if he was mob boss, the mom wouldn’t have called the police to check on Kevin…the dad would have called “one of his guys” to go to the house.

Not to squash the fun of fan theorizing…sometimes a cake is just a cake. Some theories are completely fun and they help make a story better by answering unanswered questions or irrelevant questions (see: The Dark Knight fan theory that the Joker is a wounded special forces veteran, or the connected Pixar/Disney film theories. I especially like the Little Mermaid, Tangled, Tarzan, Frozen connections); however, some are just over thinking things. Home Alone fan theories are in the later category IMO.

It’s meant to be a homage to Bugs Bunny/Road Runner/Tom & Jerry Chuck Jone’s style cartoons. Yes it is unrealistic and not remotely what would happen to 99.99% of kids left home alone…but its fun and makes for great laughs. Especially everything Daniel Stern does throughout the film…


How can he create such intricate traps when dead Macaulay Culkin can’t see without his spectacles (or should I say…spectre-cles. geddit? eh, I blame the influence Christmas crackers)?


90% of fan theories on kids movie and shows is “X was dead all along”.
Not really creative.


Agreed. This is the single biggest cliche in fan theories, nothing novel or clever about it:


There are so many theories like this for John Hughes’s movies (of which Home Alone is one), but I assert that Kevin McAllister isn’t dead, just like how Ferris Bueller isn’t one of Cameron’s multiple personalities. No, the best theory for explaining John Hughes’s movies is that the characters are all figments of one man’s imagination: John Hughes. This explains who so many of the characters look alike: he has a repertory cast in his mind.


Proven: My Girl sequel.


Also why the white hot rage over the Lost finale.

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If you watch closely, he does send a psychic signal to his mom on the plane

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i like it. and i like the D&D cartoon one too (the cartoon was great btw).

Parents were allowed to present the tickets of their children on boarding.

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Yes, but the child had to be present and the gate agent would actually see said child.

I’m a fan of fan theories (i like the pixar theory) but this one isn’t working for me either; that article is missing out the whole section of the film where he visits the local store and gets chased by a copper across the ice. Explain that!