Every country's tourism slogan


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For those who want to double check that it was, in fact, a Beschizza joke, a full size link where you can see the UK:




I just dont get it, What a knife island? what sort of joke is that? But is this the quality of US humour now trump rules?


“Travel in Slovakia—good idea.”


Sweden doesn’t seem to have one, apart from “Visit Sweden” and “Explore West Sweden in a Volvo”.

Nyköping town has “En plats att leva” - A place to live.
Fagersta “Här får du Livstid” - You get a life sentence here.


Visit Armenia - It is beautiful.

Uganda: You’re welcome.

El Salvador: The 45 minute country.


There’s a sad irony in “Timeless Tuvalu” given that the small island nation’s very existence is threatened by climate change.

They have some amazing coins too.


Albania’s “Go Your Own Way” slogan just conjures up being yelled at by some truck driver. Why did I think a self-driving tour of Albania was a good vacation?!


They love Fleetwood Mac in Albania.


China like never before? Um, ok.


I thought they preferred Dixieland jazz.


Kenya dig it?

Czech this place out!

It’s Ghana exceed your expectations

UK: Could be better, TBH


I thought Australia’s was: If we didn’t kill ya, we made ya stronger!

UK’s should be: Sorry about the food.


USA: Brown Folks Should Leave Soon


America: We’re going to be all right wing.


ETA: my city’s unofficial motto is “It’s not that bad.”


Ha, ha, you kid. We al know Britain’s is actually “Cor blimey, gov’nor!” or possibly, "Yes, it’s Harry Potter land!"
I find “Think Hungary more than expected” to be somewhat underwhelming. What if you don’t think of it at all? “There’s NOTHING Like Australia” seems like a warning, as does Mexico’s “Live it to believe it.”


“America: Last Chance to See”


I like how the committee that created the Tanzanian one was careful to include all the leading attractions.