Every-flavor Mad Dog Gif


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Just because it’s the most well known doesn’t mean it’s “the greatest”.

Plus ten internets to you, Rob.

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Nice review of MD from a true wine snob: bumwine.com


Makes a rainbow coming back up too.


I’m relieved the ‘bling’ on the blue flavor was faithfully reconstructed.

An even better one from “Drinking the Bottom Shelf”


it does to your eyeballs what real mad dog does to your guts!

But Spodee is actually a really nice drink. This is a reverse-world post, like that episode of Star Trek: DS9 where the lady commander is an evil bisexual.

I used to work at a company where, every year, one of my coworkers threw a White Elephant Christmas party. Everyone must bring a gift. The gift must be less than $X. And while sometimes the gifts were nice (I acquired a lovely pair of tea mugs one year), most of the time they were silly things. Like a hammer you keep in your car to break the window in case you drive it into a river, or a battery operated mini-fountain, or an empty Playstaion box stuffed full of Mountain Dew and Cheetos.

One year, one of my friends decided to see how much Mad Dog he could buy under the White Elephant guidelines. Turns out, quite a lot. I still remember the look on the face of the partygoers as the lucky winner pulled out bottle after rainbow-hued bottle of Mad Dog. Like Thor’s cornucopia, they just kept on coming, seemingly endless.

Ahhhh. Good times.


Spodee is excellent
That’s why I linked to it with “the greatest”.
I don’t like the white Spodee as much as the red, though.

I’m getting pukey just looking at this.

Even in high school we wouldn’t touch that crap.

I remember back in the 80’s my mom coming home from shopping… “I decided to try those wine coolers” (I expected Bartles-n-James or something) – she reached in the bag and pulled out a bottle of Kiwi MD 20/20. My sister and I laughed our arses off.

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Mad Dog? Pffft. Amateurs.

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