Every man needs an all-in-one groomer and this one has just the package you need

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Oh yeah? DRAFFAN (n.)

An infuriating person who always manages to look much more dashing than anyone else by turning up unshaven and hungover at a formal party.

Adams, Lloyd - The Meaning of Liff


I don’t trust any personal body groomers until I get an official review from Joel.

Really wish I could find clippers that were not battery but ran off of a cord.


Wahl makes a couple of corded beard trimmers and a few corded hair cutters. I have a hair cutter that I’ve been using for nearly 10 years. Search Amazon.

I think the grammar in the headline is a little ambiguous.

I have a Panasonic that is battery-powered but will run off the charging cord if necessary (either out of charge or completely hosed battery). The build quality is very high.

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I’ve got a Whal that runs corded and cordless.

This won’t make you Teh Gay… it’s tactical.

Remington do lots of corded clippers. Not sure how long I’ve had mine, but they did come with an instructional VHS tape.

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