Every Sci-Fi star map


What is Old West World then?


I have been hoist by my own Picard


Vulcans in Star Trek, the gray aliens in The X-Files, it’s not like an obscure thing people don’t already know about.

Oh, the Tymbrimi in David Brin’s novels as well.

Yoda, for fuck’s sake. They’re everywhere.


There needs to be a tiny outpost on the border of Space Elves for this.


IIRC, the Psychic Space Communists were the Zhodani.
Space Cows-- two thousand worlds
Space Dogs: Vargr Extents
Space Cats: Aslan Hierate


Great! I would buy this poster. Long time ago i built my hut on a hidden location between Space Faring Rome, Evil Methane Breathers and Ruins of the Ancients. But in truth am a refugee from Retro Space Feudalism… I would add to the map “Afro-futurist Bitchas [city: Motherships Dockyards]”


Founded by Emperor Sunra?


To Whom we pray in His Saturn Abode! Never to be confused with Munra…


Don’t forget Aku World:


I for one welcome the Afrofuture overlord!


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