Every "That's what she said" joke from The Office


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That was longer than I expected…


That’s. What. She. Said.

This crude montage reinforces my burning desire never to watch The Office.


A good friend of mine enjoys a good, “That’s what she said!” joke.

So much so, when she was pregnant she got really damn tired of other random women touching her stomach:

Lady: (Walks up and touches belly at the grocery store)
Lady: "Oh my, your uterus is hard!"
Lady: (offended, makes off in a huff)
Friend: (Stares maniacally after her until she’s out of sight)


That’s what she said.
That’s unfortunate, too. It was pretty damn funny.

“Who let the lemon head into the room?”


The First Aid bit was funny. Thanks. Most of what I’ve seen of the show just doesn’t stoke my sense of humor.


It is interesting that you have a burning desire never to watch The Office, but you watched a montage of That’s-what-she-said jokes from The Office.

You really like that’s-what-she-said jokes, huh?


I made it about 2 minutes in. Did it improve after that?

Also, there’s a joke in my first first reply.


You’re just baiting, but ok…

That’s what’s she said!


You were too quick!



The courtroom bit at 4:00 is pretty good.



I enjoyed The Office but it tends to get too caught on melodrama the further the show goes along that it became less and less desirable for me to watch. I bailed after the 5th or 6th season.

Still the “that’s what she said” thing is always amusing.

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