Every Vote Matters




Vote people. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (IK preaching to the choir here but, damn!)


Looking into it, it seems that that is an extremely pivotal one vote.

That one vote wins one seat

That one seat puts the Virginia state legislature to 50-50, denying the Republicans overall control despite an exceedingly gerrymandered map.


Yup. This needs to go in the dictionary under knife-edge.


Thanks Newport News!

Newport News, Va. used to be completely red. Newport News Shipbuilding, fishing and crab industries, farming, and not much else. Now there are a few decent liberal schools in the district such as Thomas Nelson Community College and Christopher Newport Univ. There’s NASA and a few other spooky types down there as well with a few tech companies thrown in. There’s always been Langley AFB and the Naval Yards in Va. Beach / Norfolk but, I believe NN Va. is gentrifying and turning purple.



Annnd it’s official!


For want of a vote, the election was lost
For want of the election, the seat was lost
For want of the seat, the legislature was lost
For want of the legislature, the state was lost
So the state was lost—all for the want of a vote

(Suck it, GOP!)


Spoke too soon, I am afraid:





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