Everyone hates Teslas except Tesla owners

Well, hopefully now that you have been answered you understand a bit better why to pay attention to this fascist oligarch, right?


I for one am shocked that there’s a significant amount of comments about one of the most powerful men in the world. Who not only appears in the news multiple times a day - but owns one of the largest media corporations.

Why are you surprised people comment on him and his actions? Do you feel the same about people commenting on Trump or sports stars?


Not even Surströmming?


Not even once


Fun fact: I was once introduced to my friend’s girlfriend five minutes after pelting her with a bucket of off rollmop herring.

(It was a charity raft race, I’m not pure evil.)


What have you got against Surströmming?
As a not so recent Sweden resident and citizen, I’ve eaten it at every opportunity.

Which, luckily, have been exactly zero since I moved here.


His calling an expert trying to help trapped cavers ‘pedoguy’ should have been a clue that Musk is trash.


Leave Elon alone!


The main graph in the article is an interesting look at sentiment. I wish it covered more brands. I have a 2009 Kia, and I was very very happy about the company’s products in general. Then they started getting stolen because Hyundai (Kia’s parent company) cheaped out on basic security for the cars. Now I’m not considering them for my next car.

There are only 7 companies in the graph. Most cluster in the high 60 percent approval by owners. Tesla jumps to 77, and then Honda is at 82, and Toyota at 86. I know I loved the Honda I owned - a 92 Accord. My Kia is beginning to get flaky, and I just don’t like it enough to put much money into it. I’m very, very tempted to get another Honda or Acura from the early 90s. A 92 Legend just sounds like a car I’d love to own. I wonder how Subaru owners feel about their cars? The Forester is what I’ve been thinking of as a Kia Rondo replacement.


Hanging on to Elon is obviously worth $46 billion dollars. Just look what’s happening now that he’s not motivated!

I live in an area that has a disproportionate ratio of Subarus (the Pacific Northwest) and own three different models/vintages of Subaru.

I think folks who had 2000s-era Subarus that had a lot of head gasket problems have mixed feelings. I know some who jumped to Toyota or Honda as a result, but others who just replaced the engine and kept going. The snow we get here is interesting snot-like stuff. Combined with curvy, narrow roads and lots of hills and even city drivers quickly fall in love with real AWD. So Subie drivers tend toward devotion here. I think there’s a similar effect in New England.

When I recently sold a high-mileage 2005 Outback, I was flooded with offers despite putting a slightly over-market asking price out there and detailing every single (of the MANY) flaws with the car in the ad. I mean, it was going to require a wheel bearing replacement that was going to cost more than the car was worth in less than 10k miles! People didn’t care - they just shoved money at me.


Same in the U.P. (ETA: regarding devotion to Subaru, not regarding snot-snow). Everyone I know who has owned a Subaru absolutely loves them (there have been 4 in my family, I think).


Cool, thanks! I moved to rural Arkansas to be close to family last year. Up from Houston. Snow very much still intimidates me. The rural area here is full of twisty, narrow roads. Plus, I love the headroom of the basic Forester shape.


While we’re on the topic, my esteem for the man has been “skeptical” at best. He’s never showed me anything that elicited trust. No connection. No heart-to-heart. As for obsession, I followed the BBS house discussion on his antics for a while, but it’s muted now for the sake of my own time. Let me know when he’s dead.

ETA: Honda FTW!


of all my rides, the VW microbus was my absolute favorite. but then, i kinda lived in it for a while…
love all the toyotas i’ve ever had. pickup trucks like the one i have now.
never gave musk any real thought until the cave incident. then, i was like, “who the fuck does this guy think he is?!”
well, he’s made it painfully obvious who he is by now. :person_facepalming:t2:


There are serious build quality issues with all Teslas. This is a known fact in the auto mechanic community and has nothing to do with the company’s owner. No way in hell would I buy any of these models.


Ha! Ironically, I just saw my first Cybertruck in the wild just now!


Nicole Richie Joke GIF by The Roku Channel


Oh that picture actually does a horrible job conveying exactly how bizarre and ugly looking that vehicle is up close. It doesn’t look real. It looks like a prop car from a RoboCop movie or something.


Yeah, I saw one the other day, just driving past it as it was going the other way. It looks so fake that I had to remind myself that they are real cars that people are actually driving and that I had just seen one!


Also, right after I snapped that pic, the owner got in. I was surprised. He was a boomer. He had to be around 70, give or take a few years.