Everyone hates Teslas except Tesla owners

In the years before I could buy an electric car I very much wanted to purchase a Tesla. Around about the time it became possible for us Musk started to get wierd. By the time we bought one he had so poisoned the brand for me that I bought a Kia (and I’ve been really happy with it).

Maybe they should just not pay him the $50 billion or whatever it is, let him quit in a huff, and hire someone else who will just focus on making cars.


Reminds me of that SNL sketch, Millennial Millions, where it was game show about boomers hoarding their wealth… unfortunately, it’s not up anymore!


I hate Teslas now, knowing that the company supports and enables a fascist billionaire pile of shit. Before Musk bought an entire social media company just to make sure the entire world knew he was an ignorant, incompetent buffoon, I didn’t have anything against them, other than them being a few dozen times out of my price range. They didn’t look awful before the Cybertruck, most of the people who owned them seemed happy with them, and if there’s going to be a ludicrously expensive fancy car only relatively wealthy people can afford, an electric vehicle is preferable to a stretch Hummer or what have you. I don’t think Musk has the slightest inkling of just how much damage he’s personally done to Tesla’s image by proudly exposing what a bigoted jackass manbaby he is to the universe.



“When did you guys first become obsessed with Elon?”

and that as your first BB post vibrated (and still does) with a certain – let’s say – why-are-they- pickin’-on-my-man-Elon tone.


He okayed the final look. His taste in auto coachwork matches everything else about him.


Because he is just some unknown shmoe that nobody takes notice of? /s
Nice knowing you.
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They ain’t got no alibi; that shit is UGLY!

Whut? Whut?






My SO and I rented a Tesla for a roughly 12 hour round trip overnighter last year on a goof and it was my 1st experience with one. It was like driving a big golf cart, as in when you take your foot off the accelerator it immediately starts slowing down. (School me if all full EV’s do this, please.) And it’ll get you up to 80MPH before you realize it, which was amusing. But our overall impression was that it sort of seemed generic and bland. She likes throaty pipes and “Vroom-vroom”, I appreciate good handling, mileage and reliability. For these reasons we decided we would look elsewhere for our next vehicle.

I’m really a Honda fan at heart. And Elmo sucks, bigly.


i knew the rest of that, but i am so glad you finished it!
not good form for me to take that initiative.


I’m finishing up basically restoring my '93 Civic, that i bought new. That age of Honda vehicle has now hit the point where trim parts are getting very hard to find. Buying a 92-94 Legend would be buying into a great car, but be careful of condition and mileage bc things like an interior restoration, or a new side trim part, might prove impossible to find. The cliche of ‘buy the best one you can afford’ would definately apply. My college friend drove a '93 Legend Coupe L, and it was a stunning vehicle back then. I’m not sure the smoothness and quiet hasn’t been overcome by new cars, but it is also the last era you can easily do all your own maintenance. My '13 electric Fiat is not of that era, but doesn’t actually need maintenance, so there’s a balance of sorts.


Telas fon’t work well in very hot or very cold weather which makes them ideal for California and therefore sunject equally to envy and scorn as is everything and everyone associated with the state. And Eon Muks is a world class jerk.

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I have a (used) Model S and there’s some things I really like about it and some things I find bafflingly bad. To the point of the article, I won’t buy another Tesla though, and I have a fairly poor view of the company overall.

The good:

  • Regular OTA updates are…legitimately one of the few good ‘lets run a car company like a software company’ ideas Tesla has had. Every other car I’ve ever owned basically stops getting any significant improvements the second it leaves the showroom. It’s not a huge win though.
  • The actual driving is pretty good; I’ve driven BMWs and other cars in the ‘middle manager got a good bonus’ range and it definitely works fine in that segment. You get used to the deceleration from the regenerating brakes as well.

The bad:

  • Awful cupholders. Just terrible - in the arm rests, and you can’t really use the arm rests AND the cupholders.
  • The Infotainment system doesn’t support apple /android car integration stuff, which frankly is a pain in the ass. The built in wundercomputer isn’t really all that good either - yes, I’ve got a used model, but like…I’m asking it to play spotify and run maps; my phone eight years ago did those just fine.
  • Fit and finish aren’t great compared to other luxury cars in the segment. Some rattling issues at highway speed I haven’t been able to identify yet that drives me a little crazy on my commute home.
  • Speaking of - it’s not a particularly quiet car at highway speeds; lots of road noise/etc. It’s not the loudest I’ve ever owned (93 civic babyyyy) but it’s irritating to have to basically crank my volume up to near max to listen to an audiobook on my way home.
  • Tesla drivers have developed a bit of a ‘reputation’ that I’m not really keen on being smeared with (as a pretty reasonable driver); I kind of miss my Volvo where everyone assumed I was a school principal or something.
  • Screens are not a good replacement for controls. My Model S is a slightly older one so I have a bit more tactile stuff than the newer models, but I test drove a model 3 and my wife veto’d it because she was just totally unhappy with the setup, and I agreed.
  • As far as future purchases go, Tesla has reacted to every other car manufacturer catching up to them by…ruining the steering wheel? Continuing dumb gimmick bullshit? Like seriously, I can find a half dozen cars right now that can go toe to toe with a Model S other than maybe the acceleration/top speed, but who gives a shit if your car only has 350 HP when that’s more than anyone needs anyway. Tesla has basically stopped doing any meaningful innovation in the space.
  • Christ, what an asshole CEO.

This basically summarizes it. At the time I picked mine up there wasn’t really a good competitor to the Model S, especially in the battery department. But…well, that’s no longer the case, and even if it was I’m willing to have something slightly suboptimal if it means not putting any money in Elon Musk’s pocket.

I work in tech; Tesla had a fucking stranglehold on rich tech nerds market, and more and more Musk has personally been ruining that. More and more people I know that were attracted to Tesla earlier are unwilling to buy one as Musk continues his crusade to light money and reputation on fire.


I sympathize for folks like you who got one back when it seemed like a perfectly reasonable, maybe even progressive idea. Replacing a car isn’t easy, and now they must be harder to sell even if you wanted to. Here’s hoping nobody vandalizes your car based on assumptions.


I remember reading about a phenomenon where people that buy expensive stuff say they love it even if it turns out to be a pile of junk. They’re basically just trying to justify the money they’ve spent.


Came here to say this exact thing. It’s called Post-Purchase Rationalization, or Buyer’s Stockholm Syndrome. We tend to justify our purchases to ourselves, overlooking even serious problems, so we don’t feel dumb for having bought something that isn’t actually as good as we expected. Not that Teslas are terrible; on the whole, I think they’re…fine. I personally have no interest in them because of several design decisions that, to me, are incomprehensible for a modern car. The presence of the fascist egomaniac at the company’s helm isn’t really doing anything to change my mind either way, honestly.


Best bumper sticker I ever saw: “I bought my Tesla before Elon got proven crazy.”

We leased our Tesla, partly as a tax break for DH’s company. Between the incredible cost of insurance, 2 cracked windshields (which were a royal pain to get replaced), and a few other weird things, we aren’t sure of getting another Tesla.


Mine does. They cost money and effort, but I control what gets upgraded and when. There is a huge aftermarket for vehicle upgrades and customization out there.