Everyone hates Teslas except Tesla owners

This is referred to as one pedal driving or OPD. It’s not unusual for EVs, but it’s by no means universal. The ones that do have it almost always have an option to emulate how an ICE car drives (and that “almost” is hedging, I can’t think of any non-Tesla EVs that don’t let you disable OPD).

That said, my partner and I found we really like OPD, and it was one of the deciding factors that pushed us away from the popular Ioniq 5 (which requires you to re-enable it every time you drive). It only took us a few minutes to get used to, it helps maximize efficiency, and it’s really nice to drive around and never touch the brakes. But I understand why some people struggle to adapt.


Like I said, I’m new to NW Arkansas. The cars around here have been a bit surprising. I saw an absolutely mint 4th gen (89-93) Accord in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago. And a few months ago, I saw a beautiful Civic Wagovan. I’d love to have one of those. The weirdest bit, though, is how damn many Mercury Grand Marquis there are. Not Crown Vics or Town Cars - Grand Marquis. I swear there are 3 in every parking lot I stop in.


I was under the impression that aftermarket car mods had been on the decline as newer cars had deeper integration with their infotainment systems and moved away from standardized head units. I’ll look into that more, as I certainly wouldn’t mind updating my car once I replace this one.

That being said, my point was more about manufacturer updates specifically; even if you like aftermarket stuff, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that Tesla does a lot more post-sale updates than other car manufacturers and that is generally not a bad thing. I don’t think it’s like amazing or singularly worth the price, though.


I just mostly object to mandatory push “upgrades” across the board. Whether it’s my phone or car or computer, I want to be able to review what the “upgrade” is, decide when to implement it or just outright reject it. My understanding is that Tesla just changes shit and owners find out the next time they get in the car.


Well, Elon knows best, and any company’s first priority is always the wellbeing of its customers.


leaving his fascist tendencies aside; 1 million people to mars. a moonbase. starlink for the poor. fsd is just around the corner since 2016. new tesla models like the roadster2 coming this year since 2017. “sentient” robots. ai-bs. buying companies and kicking the founders out while presenting himself as such…ectera.

in short; hes just full of shit. all the time. and as the one to third richest libertarian fucker on the planet with massive dunning-kruger-main-character-syndrom (thats the fascist part) hes certainly a threat to society on a global scale.


where is tesla right now according to mask vs reality via the common sense sceptics;
(the third part is really juicy af)


i think what people would get is a popup that says something like:

to turn this car on, you must first agree to accept the following download. failure to agree may render your vehicle permanently inoperable. if wish to obtain legal advice before proceeding, we recommend keeping an attorney in your car at all times. lack of agreement within 15 seconds will be considered disagreement. good luck.


Once again, where’s my barf emoji??
BoingBoing seems unclear on caps.


And from my own personal experience here in SoCal, conditions at Edwards AFB can get down to well below freezing in Winter with test stand techs having to don Arctic gear or best-effort garb. No need to go into what June thru October are like up there.


I was a big Tesla fan boy. I just hate Musk and won’t support him when there are lots of competition for electric vehicles.

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