Everyone hates the NSA: survey




GCHQ’s project Underpass is just trying to make the NSA look bad.


Wait, what? 50% of all Americans are okay with their own government monitoring their communication?

No wonder that they don’t get it…


Given that the NSA’s expressed mission does not include spying on US citizens, it’s pretty spectacularly sad that US citizens are among the least likely to object to that mission creep.


Too bad they didn’t include the other Five Eyes countries in the survey.


You totally borked the headline. Really, “everybody hates the NSA” is what I would expect. The real news is that half of Americans are OK with it! That totally surprised me.



They didn’t bother to ask Canadians??


The question was regarding the NSA spying on citizens of other countries. I’m sure the answer would be different if it was about the NSA spying on its own citizens.


"The secretive British spy agency GCHQ has developed covert tools to seed
the internet with false information, including the ability to
manipulate the results of online polls …"


Although the page Cory linked to makes it look like 49% find spying on American citizens is acceptable and 47% say unacceptable, if you look at the breakdown for the U.S. specifically, you’ll see that those numbers are actually for monitoring of other countries’ citizens. However, when asked if it is acceptable for American monitoring of American citizens, 61% said unacceptable, and 37% said acceptable.

That makes a lot more sense. Looks like Pew got a bit mixed up since Americans were the only ones asked about other countries’ citizens.


I think I explained the mix-up below… Everyone hates the NSA: survey


Haha, wow look at Greece. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a survey that lopsided.


I first read that as “GCHQ’s project Underpants” … :blush:


And why did this have to be a Pew Research study? The NSA could have provided the same data, with much smaller margin of error…


well we are looking at the wrong graph:


that combined with the fact that we are all suspected terrorists means everything is good :smile:


But, but, but, the USA is included in the survey.


Because we’re mindless sock puppets of the USA, don’tcha know. :eyeroll:


Great, 49% of Americans are as dumb as rocks.


Then again…


Good catch. The number is still extremely disturbing, but not as soul crushingly disturbing as a plurality.