Everyone needs a first aid kit and these emergency bags could make all the difference

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Ooo! Does it come with qualified medical technicians too?

Maybe they should include a course in how to use that stuff, or maybe a phone app medical AI? (What could go wrong…)

eta: I’m not knocking the kits. I’d love to have one … so that in an emergency, I could hand it to someone who knows what they’re doing. :grinning:


Next best option is:


Awesome, thank you!

I’ve been putting together a disaster kit for years, and it’s always frustrating how much of the available stuff assumes we can just take anything serious to a hospital. What’s the point of a disaster kit if it stops being useful in a disaster?


No, it does not.

MyMedic makes two versions of the Solo. The $50 Basic and the $100 Advanced. Only the advanced has airways. Based on the stated original price and the photo of kit contents BoingBoing Store/Stack Social is selling the Basic version with no airways.

No, it is not.

MyMedic makes two versions of the Recon: the $250 Basic and $375 Advanced. Only the Advanced has a tourniquet (one, by the way, not the plural “tourniquets”) and by other indications (the photo of contents and the stated original price) BoingBoing Store/Stack Commerce are selling the basic version which does not have quickclot or a tourniquet.

This ad needs to be removed or edited immediately as it appears to be materially false and misleading.

Or, if BB wants to make this right, I’d happily pay $43 for the advanced Solo kit or $200 for the advanced Recon kit. If you want to just leave this ad up and make good on the stated kit contents I’m totally down with that. Let me know :slight_smile:

(To put it another way, if BB leaves this ad up after being informed of the error, they will have to honor it with the correct “Advanced” kit at the stated discount prices because it will be a deliberate and knowing offer rather than a typographical error after that point.)


Missing items:
1] crazy glue
2] duct-tape
3] preparation - H
4] roll of plastic wrap
5] condoms
6] twine


Toilet paper. Just because.

Nah, got all that in the safe sex kit.


In the future, there isn’t TP, only the Three Clams.


Originally, I though the apparent error in stated contents was just an honest but sloppy error on the part of a copywriter for BoingBoing. However, checking the linked Stack Social product listing page gives this claim: “this basic to advanced bag is complete”. Basic" and “Advanced” are the names of the different versions of the Recon first aid kit. The page also offers a link to a PDF of the kit contents, separately listing the “Basic” and “Advanced” kit contents, which a reasonable person would believe would all be included based on calling the kit “basic to advanced” and “complete.” There is no valid reason for them to include a PDF list of contents that are not included in the kit.

The only clues to the kit not having the fully suggested contents are the listed “original” price of $250 (MyMedic’s standard price for the Basic version) and the web page’s photo of kit contents, neither of which are obvious clues without additional research.

The above gives me reason to believe that Stack Social is being deliberately misleading in their offer - never stating explicitly what is in the Recon first aid kit in their HTML text, but appear to be implying that everything in the linked PDF list of contents is included, while they can fall back on the photo of kit contents in the HTML listing to claim otherwise with plausible deniability.

Stack Social’s frequent use of questionable >90% discount claims and “lifetime” subscriptions they full well knew, or should have known, would be no such thing has marked them as sleazy and of questionable honesty in the past, but if it is the case they are selling the basic version of the recon kit but deliberately implying that the contents of the advanced kit are included yet are not, then this is a whole new level of dishonest practices by them.

If, on the other hand, they are actually selling the Advanced Recon first aid kit (original price $375) for $200, I will happily apologize and even buy one, but still note their ad copy is inconsistent and vague.


No, but it comes with 25 books.

Mine does! :wink:


I have that book and have read it to pieces. Heartily recommend.


I have reached out to Stackcommerce for clarification.


I like to hash kits like this against evidence based packing lists from people who aren’t selling stuff. Here’s one:

That disaster preparedness check list just lists “first aid kit” as one of the items to have. No suggestions as to what should be in a first aid kit.

But I do a agree that commercial kits often miss the mark, especially low end first aid kits which up the piece count with lots of tiny off brand Band-Aids you’ll never use.


Also, crossing borders: Care! Hypo needles in packs can be used as sign of narcotic use / intent.

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