Everyone's rescinding honors paid to Bill Cosby faster than shit through a goose

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Cosby deserves everything that’s happening to him and worse, but I’m getting a little impatient waiting for all the rich white sexual assaulters to start getting criminal convictions that could send them to prison for decades.


How low will it go?

I would like to see this happening in the political arena more as well.


That’s right. Even the Kennedy Center.


Sheesh. The state of Massachusetts never rescinded Teddy’s driver’s license and he killed a woman.


Here’s a radical idea – don’t honor anyone until they’re dead and gone for a while. Preferably long enough to allow for any misdeeds to surface.


Hell, I would settle for consequences of any kind. Cosby deserves to lose everything he’s losing and more, but it’s also not hard to see that the only one of that profile level to get this treatment is the black man. Polanski and Woody Allen aren’t losing their awards and honours. Nobody’s putting them in front of a judge. Weinstein was sued, not prosecuted criminally, and now that Schneiderman has resigned, he’ll probably get to quietly slink away.

Money and fame can serve as a shield, but even then, whiteness has its privileges.


Alternatively, continue to honor them on the clear understanding that they will now be under close scrutiny, and if something surfaces that makes them heinously ineligible, the honor will be public stripped from them with much fanfare…

“Now, is there anything we should know about?”

Yeah, that’s why you’re supposed to be dead before you get to have a stamp.

Celebrity stamps

“In an effort to boost sales and interest in the mail, USPS is waiving a rule that requires stamp honorees to have been dead at least five years before getting the thumb-sized honor. Now, living and recently deceased people will be eligible to appear on stamps.”


Love the headline, “…faster than shit through a goose.”

Here’s a wacky, perhaps the wackiest, metaphor related to alacrity. My late grandmother, who was born in 1904, told me this in the late 1990s:

“Faster than custard pie through the hired girl.”

Yep, I asked her what it meant.

“You see, the hired girl isn’t used to eating rich food.” Oh, thanks, grandma.

My grandma was hard-scrabble film noir-ish in real life and said all kinds of odd funny one-liners.

“Everyone’s rescinding honors paid to Bill Cosby faster than custard pie through the hired girl” also works, but maybe better would be “…custard pudding.”


Yeah, they’ve always creeped me out. If someone says they’re a huge fan, I start ending the conversation. “Wow! Is that the time? I think I need to…”


The wheels of justice turn slowly.

I understand the sentiment regarding Cosby but he really has gotten off very lightly. Im particularly offended by the sheer number of women he poisoned and raped. Compounded by the use of wealth and lawyers to shut them up, and belittle them. And then adding insult to injury by using his position to lecture young black men to be more like him.

Even if he was given the death penalty I would not consider the punishment sufficient, given the long free life he led and the devastation he caused. For what its worth, I don’t support the use of the death penalty. A terrible terrible man.

I was recently told (not exactly proof I know) that Kennedy had no idea she was in the car. He was busy trying to get with another female who he had been having an affair with. Mary Jo, was having a sleep in the back seat. For what little thats worth.

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Maybe collectors will take a special interest in the stamps of those who have fallen from grace.

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That was consensual though, wasn’t it? Hardly the same thing. Try the current POTUS.


Also, Bill C. didn’t get any jail time (nor do I feel in that instance he should have, since as you said it was consensual – although the power inequality may have had a bit of influence there, so… either way, it wasn’t Monica complaining).

No. I mean politicians that are actively engaging in predatory behavior, whether it’s going after underage boys or girls, or passing out roofies hither and yon. You know. Sex criminals who are protected because they are connected.

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There was discussion of other, less consensual encounters in Clinton’s history though, like Juanita Broaddrick. She’s been dismissed by the pro-Clinton camp, but it’s likely enough:

Of course, the entire reason that him lying about his consensual affair with Lewinsky was part of the charges against Clinton was that they couldn’t get him on anything else.


I wouldn’t put something like that past him for sure. Tbh, I think it is rather the exception than the rule for rich, powerful people not to take advantage of others in any sexual, economical or other way possible.

Edit: I have to add I am still baffled that the Bill Clinton affair could be made into such a spectacle back then and actually resulted in impeachment, while your current president can go around bragging openly about his sexual harassment with impunity.

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Well, see, one is a democrat and the other is a republican, who are held to a different standard…